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Several Cruise Tours Available On The Maroochy River

The Maroochy River will flow from the various peaks of the Blackall Range to the southeast Queensland`s coast. Maroochy Eco Tours will provide three river cruise tour options: the Nature Cruise, the Sunday Cruise and the Eco System Cruise. The cruise tours are generally conducted on board the M. V. Blue Laguna, a riverboat which will include e shaped viewing deck as well as an interior seating. The cruise line is being based in Maroochydore, a major city where Maroochy River and Coral Sea will meet.

Maroochy River Cruise Tours

Eco System Cruise

This is the most comprehensive tour provided by Cruise Maroochy Eco Tours. The average passenger will be able to see various habitats of the Maroochy River which will include rain forests, river islands, Bli Bli, wetland sanctuaries or Coolum Creek. Pay attention at kangaroos, wallabies, bellied sea eagles, azure kingfishers or whistling kites. Weather permitting, this tour will feature a guided trip in the wetland sanctuary, rain forest or boardwalk as well. The boardwalk will take you through a dense vegetation, while in the meantime a guide will narrate you about the rain forests environments or mangrove.

Nature Cruise

Cruise Maroochy Eco Tours will present the Nature Cruise which will take you around wetland islands for check out the wildlife or through a declared fish habitat. An eco-accredited tour guide will offer you detailed narration about the fauna and flora of the environment on the Maroochy River and about the cultural history of these local areas. Pay attention for jumping fish catching various insects, grey kangaroos or lizards basking.

Sunday Cruise

The Sunday Cruise on the Maroochy River will feature a relaxing pace and an open bar. You will be able to take in the scenery of Mount Coolum as well as the habitats which will change from mangroves to rain forests. You should bring your binoculars with you to be able to spot some of the 119 bird species around the coastal estuary of the river, including herons, three kingfisher species or pelicans. You may consult the bird books and many other reference material which will be provided on board the ship to be able to identify the fauna and the flora.

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