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Short Descriptions Of Various River Cruises In West Bengal, India

The Ganges River is the principal waterway of West Bengal and it is also considered the vital itinerary for the villages along the banks as well as the spiritual center for Hindus. A river cruise tour is considered a relaxing way to enjoy the countryside of West Bengal and also viewing the ancient temples or the archaeological sights which are being located near the Ganges as well as most of its tributaries.

River Ganges Cruise Vacations

Bengal Ganga will provide a wide variety of cruise tour routes on the Ganges River, ranging from 4 to over 15 days in length. Excursions will be available from November through March and will leave from Kolkata.

River Cruises In West Bengal, India

The itinerary will take in cities, villages like Varasi or Murshidabad as well as many heritage sites, which will include monasteries, palaces or temples.

Trips or city sightseeing cruise tours will also be included in the price. The deluxe rooms will include comfortable seating areas as well as air conditioned, and are being located on the upper deck.

Local wines, soft drinks or beer will be provided in the saloon bar, and coffee or tea will be available during the day. The dining room will serve you a buffet breakfast as well as lunch, with both European and Indian dishes.

River Hooghli Cruise Vacations

The Hooghli River is a tributary of The Ganges River, and Assam Bengal Navigation will operate cruise tours on this river all year long. The 7-day Historic Hughli cruise tour may be taken downstream/upstream, from Farakka to Kolgata and back.

You will be able to make the return tour by rail or simply take a 2-week, round-tour cruise. Trips may include a sightseeing cruise tour of Kolkata as well as various visits to the the medieval city of Gaur, Plassy battlefield as well as terracotta temples of Bengal.

The vessels will provide 10 twin and 2 double cabins with air conditioned as well as a private shower bath. The middle deck will contain a bar, dining room and a saloon. The restaurant will serve a blend of European or Assamese cuisine.

Sunderbans Cruises

Sunderbans National Park is considered one of the largest mangrove eco-systems in the world as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its waterways, mangrove forests and creeks are hosting crocodiles, deer, a wide variety of bird species as well as rare Bengal tigers.

Vivada Cruises will provide 4-day cruise tours of the park on bard a luxury cruiser. Various forest walk will be provided, where you can visit the deer rehabilitation center as well as tiger tower, and you will also be able to explore a traditional Sunderbans village.

During the evening, you may enjoy films about the history of West Bengal. The MV Paramhamsa ship will provide 32 air conditioned rooms, library, art gallery, a gym, conference room as well as a Ayurvedic treatment room.

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