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Three Various Cruise Tour Options For River Cruises In Massachusetts

No mater if you will want a quick escape to a pristine natural environment or just a spirit trip which will offer you a panoramic view of the city of Boston, there will always be a Massachusetts river cruise tour that will suit your needs.

Cruise Tour Options For River Cruises In Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is actually home of more than 4.200 miles of various rivers and tributaries which are being ranked by very dense forests, wealth of historical towns or colonial architecture.

Massachusetts river tours will offer travelers the real opportunity to be able to explore the scenic beauty of the surroundings while learning a little bit about its history as well.

Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise

The Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise is practically a one-and-a-half-hour of narrated cruise tour of Boston`s Inner Harbor. The cruise tour is being operated by Boston Harbor Cruise, a company that has been offering its services since 1926.

The Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise will provide unobstructed sightseeing tours of the Cambridge skylines and Boston, it will pass many noteworthy sights, here included the USS Constitution, one of the oldest commissioned vessels from the entire world which is still afloat, Old North Church, Beacon Hill, Bunkerhill or M.I.T. Various on board amenities will include liquor bars and snacks, as well as alcoholic beverages for free. This cruise tour will run from June until September and it is being offered on a daily basis every week.

Boston Harbor Cruise
One Long Wharf Boston
(617) 227 4321

Cape Ann`s River Cruise

Cape Ann`s River Cruise is practically a laid back trip which will travel along the Annisquam River on the north side of Massachusetts. This cruise tour will be conducted by the Cape Ann`s Marina Resort located in Gloucester which is a beautiful city, the home of one of the oldest seaports from United States. The cruise tour will take place on board the “Anni” pontoon boat which will take the guests through several interesting attractions such as the Annisquam Harbor Light house, riverfront homes or cottages or Ipswich Bay. Beverages and light snacks will be provided along the way, but only for purchase while on board. Cruise tours will run from June through Labor Day. The passengers that will stay at least one single night at Cape Ann`s Marina Resort will be able to receive complimentary admission to this river cruise tour.

Cape Ann`s Marina Resort
75 Essex Ave.
(978) 283 0806

Essex River Cruise & Charters

Essex River Cruise & Charters provides various narrated cruise tours on the Essex River as well as a few other various sights which have been crystallized in Hollywood films. The cruise tours will take place in Essex, which is a coastal town that is located 25 miles in the north side of Boston; they will travel a tidal estuary which flanks the Atlantic Ocean. The one-a-half-hour cruise is the most extensive excursion provided by the company. The cruise tour will take guests along a sprawling itinerary which will provide glimpses of many attractions, like Cross Islands, a salt water marsh or the Ship Building Museum. This cruise tour will also past through a few sites which have been featured in many Hollywood movies, including Crane Beach from “the Witches of Eastwyck” or Castle Hill from the “Thomas Crown Affair”. Beverages or souvenirs will also be available for purchasing at the gift shop. Cruise tours will run on a daily basis starting from May until October.

Essex River Cruises & Charters
35 Dodge St. Essex
(800) 748 3706

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