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What You Can Experience If You Choose A River Cruise In China

China is considered by many a mysterious country with an ancient culture and pretty rich history. The diverse natural wonders of the country will range from the broad Yangtze River to the snowy Hymalayan Mountains.

Chinese river cruises are normally multifaceted tours, combining several days off the ship for exploring many sights in various cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai with 3-to-6 days sailing across the Yangtze River.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises will provide three cruises along the Yangtze River between Shanghai and Beijing. The twelve-day Imperial Jewels of China cruise will offer the chance of exploring Three Gorges, the Great Wall, Shanghai or the Forbidden City.

Various River Cruise In China

The sixteen-day Roof of the World cruise tour will include normal Chinese attractions as well as a side-excursion to Lhasa.

China`s Cultural Delights is a seventeen-day cruise which will explore many facets of the culture of China, including Beijing, Dongting Lake, Xian or Shanghai.

China Highlights

China Highlights will provide 7- and 11-day cruise tours through the cradle of China along the Yangtze. Shanghai Sights and Yangtze Combo will allow tourists to experience a glimpse of Shanghai, and many other cultural and historic treasures on this river. Guilin Sights & Yangtze Combo will include passage through the Wu and Qutang Gorges along the Yangtze as well as a Li River Cruise Guilin.

The eleven-day Three Gorges with Classic China Tour will include some quality time in Hong Kong, Three Gorges Dam as well as a trip to Fengdu Ghost City.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld River Cruises will provide a wide selection of cruise tours on Yangtze River. Classic China is an 8-day cruise starting from Beijing to Shanghai, with various chances of exploring the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Terra-Cotta Warriors or Summer Palace. Other various cruises will include Reed Flute Cave, Wanzhou, Lesser Gorges, a farm in Guilin, as well as extensions to Hong Kong or Tibet.

Pacific Delight Tours

Pacific Delight Tours will provide tourists with a wide variety of trips, which will include 3- to 6-days cruise tours along the Yangtze. These cruises of imperial China will include a few days of exploring various sights in Xian, Chongqing, Beijing, Guilin or Shanghai.

Cruises along the Yangtze River on boats with luxurious accommodations will include cruising through many gorges lined beautiful cliffs, stops at Wuhan or Nanjing, and sailings on small ships up the Daning River.

Tauck River Cruising

Tauck provides sixteen- to seventeen-day tours to China which will include cruises on the Yangtze. The sixteen-day tours will run eastbound, whine the seventeen-day excursion will run westbound. Both excursions will include quality time for experiencing a small glimpse of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Cruises along the Yangtze River on both excursions on board the spacious Yangzi Explorer will include Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges Dam or Li River cruises. Other various opportunities may be provided to see pavilions, ancient roads or pagodas atop terraced fields at the edge of the Yangtze River.

Viking River Cruises in China

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