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Best River Cruises

Understanding Some of The Basics of River Cruising

The riverbank sights of a cruise along a river as well as the comfort will make this kind of traveling be a wonderful option for those who will want to check out many towns on a single route without having to switch hotels each and every night.

River Cruising Basics

While an ocean cruise will sail to open seas and will stop to various ports of call, a river cruise tour will make use of the waterways sailing through lands or countries, offering you a closer look at the intimacy of the land.

River cruising is sometimes casual and sometimes upscale, but pretty often have a limited number of passengers; river cruise tours will sail in style on the waters of the major rivers of the world and most passengers will enjoy this completely.

Make a booking of a stateroom, unpack and try to enjoy the local cuisine or events while you will be sailing past castles, rural scenery or jungles. Since many of the major cities or towns are being built near important rivers, cruise tours often dock in the middle of some of the most famous tourist cities. Depending on the river, your cruise your may take place on a barge or a cruise ship carrying four to more than one hundred guests.

European River Cruises

The Rhine in Germany, the Danube in Eastern Europe or the Seine in France are just a few waterways upon you can set sail down in Europe. Your route may focus on exploring one region in depth, like as combining several rivers to offer you a glimpse of a few cities, like Cologne, Budapest or Amsterdam, or wine-themed cruise tours in Burgundy, France.

River sailing is pretty well-established in Europe; cruise tours tend to have more and more luxurious accommodation all the time in which they serve some of the best foods of that certain region.

South America

The Negro and Amazon rivers in Brazil, Argentina or Peru are the most important rivers in South America. The cruise boats and amenities can actually fit pretty much any budget out there, no matter if you want a luxury exploration which may include private bathrooms or high-end local cuisine, or just a basic cruise tour with small staterooms or shared bathrooms.

No matter what you choose, these cruise tours will have a different adventure feeling into them. Wildlife seeing in the jungle, rain forest walks or cultural experiences in ancient villages are among the most popular activities when it comes to South America cruise tours.


Travel though Cambodia or Thailand along the Mekong river or its tributaries, or you may explore the towns or cities of China along the Yangtze river with a cruise tour in Asia. Asian river cruise tours will tend to be a combination of classic and modern, with various visit in the major cities of Asia, such as Shanghai, Ho Chi Min City or Beijing blended with various days in farming villages or fishing.

Asia river cruise tours have a tendency to be more casual that the European ones, and dress codes have a tendency of being more comfortable.

Viking River Cruises

Basic Description Of Several Amsterdam River Cruise Tours

Going on a river cruise tour is considered by many tourists a unique way to traveler.

Amsterdam River Cruise Tours

One of the main comforts is the fact that you will only have to unpack your things once, and that all you need will be offered on board the ship. The Rhine River will run through Amsterdam, making it a famous location for river tours.

Most of the cruise tours provide all inclusive meals and many of them also offer additional services like facials or spa relaxing massages. River cruise tours are such a great way to visit Amsterdam as well as its surroundings.

Holland Tulip River Cruise Tours

The Holland Tulip river cruise tour is being provided by European Barging which will take you on a 7-day adventure on the Rhine River. The cruise will depart every Sunday from March through May, which is practically the tulip blooming season.

The cruise tour will be taken on board an intimate boat, the Absoluut II cruise ship, which will host a total of 8 guests and 5 crew members. The ship will feature 2 decks, hot tub, air conditioning, wireless internet and satellite television.

The voyage will start in Amsterdam and will sail along various cities such as Rotterdam, Haarlem, Gouda or Delft, featuring extraordinary historic architecture or breathtaking views of large tulip fields along the shoreline of the Rhine River. All meals are included and guests will be greeted with a glass of champagne.

European Barging & River Cruises
25132 Oakhurst Drive
713 240 6753

Castles Along the Rhine River

The Castles along the Rhine River cruise will be provided by Uniworld, a cruise line which is hosted by Travel Corporation. Their vessels are decorated by boutique hotel designers and will feature panoramic restaurants, river-view cabins or cozy libraries.

The cruise tour will take you along the shores of the Rhine Valley, which is being bordered by many medieval, Gothic and renaissance castles. The landscape which surrounds the castles is mainly old-fashioned towns and vineyards. The ship will make several stops along the way, one of which will offer guests the chance of visiting the Vollrads Castle and also enjoy a stroll on the Alsatian Wine Road.

During the summer season, the cruise tour will feature a family-friendly program provided by Uniworld. Beginning in Basel and finishing in Amsterdam, the cruise tour will last for 9 days and will include complimentary use of bicycles as well as all meals.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection
17323 Ventura Blvd.
800 733 7820

Amsterdam to Paris River Cruise

AMA Waterways has been founded in 2002 in an award-winning cruise line which will feature the newest vessels in the cruise industry. AMA Waterways vessels will usually be distinguished by their large staterooms, marble-appointed baths or French balconies.

Staterooms on board the vessels come equipped with internet connection through wireless, luxury down duvets, pillows and flat-screen TVs. On board, guests will enjoy a fitness center, a large sun deck and a beauty salon. AMA Waterways will feature a twelve-day romantic cruise tour which starts from Amsterdam and ends in Paris.

Seven nights will be spent sailing on the Rhine River and the three nights that will remain will be spent in Paris. As you sail, you will be visiting some of the most enchanting cities of Europe, including Cologne, Mainz, Piersport, Amsterdam Trier or Paris.

The cruise package will include various walking tours in most of the above cities and provides various complimentary bicycles for touring on your own. Meals and quality drinks will be included as well, along with all local taxes.

AMA Waterways
21625 Prairie St. Chatsworth
800 626 0126

APT European River Cruising 2012 – Magnificent Europe, Amsterdam to Budapest

What You Should Know About Cologne Cruise Tours Along The Rhine River

A river ship excursion from Cologne will provide a great vantage point of seeing the Rhine Valley.

Cruise Tours Along The Rhine River

The Middle Rhine, located between Rudesheim and Koblenz, includes more than twenty medieval castles, vineyards, the famous Loreley Rock and picturesque villages.

Boat trips will range from 1-hour sightseeing cruises to round trips which last for an entire day, and tours that are available during the entire year, with reduced schedules during the winter season.

KD Pass

KD Rhine owns a large fleet of cruise boats. From early April to late October, this company will run frequent schedules on the Rhine River from Cologne to Mainz, as well as on the Moselle River between Koblenz to Cochen.

If you manage to purchase a 1-day KD Pass, you will be able to take up to 4 boat tours in one single day, being able to hop on and off the ship in any of the available stops along the way, including Bonn, Linz or Remagen. You can use the pass of SS Goethe, the last -remaining paddle steamer along the Rhine River, which will be sailing from Koblenz to Rudesheim.

Short Sightseeing Tours

KolnTourist will provide a 1-hour sightseeing tour which will run 5 times per day during summer season and in winter season, only on weekends. The ship will be providing panoramic landscapes of Cologne`s Old Town area, and will be passing under 4 historic bridges along the Rhine River.

The narration will be English and German. You will be able to break your tour at Rodenkirchen if you want to go ashore for exploring a fishing village, and then you may return to the boat later. KD Rhine will run a 2-hour afternoon sightseeing cruise, which will include coffee as well. On Saturday evenings in summer season, this company will provide a 3-hour dinner cruise tour which will include music as well.

Bus & Cruise Excursion

Book this excursion through the Cologne Tourist Board. Tickets can be bought from the Service Center located in opposite direction of the cathedral. This is a tour which will last for a full day, about ten hours to be more exact, starting in the front of Koln Cathedral.

The bus will travel along the Rhine River, will be passing a few towns like Linz, Bonn, Remagen, Bad Hommingen, where you will have some time for exploring the nearby areas or eat your lunch. In the second half of the day, you will be cruising back to Cologne pass the Rhine Valley on a riverboat. This cruise tour will be available each and every Sunday from early April to late October.

Castles cruise along the Rhine river Germany

Essential Things You Must Know About Cruises In The Baltic Sea

Cruises through the Baltic Sea will provide travelers an off-the-beaten-path trip which will combine historical richness with geographic beauty.

Cruises In The Baltic Sea

Luxury and standard commercial liners alike will provide cruises through this part of the world in Northern Europe close to the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The sea will start in the crook where Finland meets Sweden and will flow past Poland, ending roughly where Norway meets Sweden.


The Baltic Sea will flow out from the Atlantic Ocean and will lap at the edge of the northern European countries Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark and Latvia. Cruise stops may include Helsinki, St. Petersburg and London.

Cruises will last from seven days to over twenty four days on board Holland America cruise ships which will depart from London and juts in and out of the Baltic Sea`s craggy curves. Other cruise options may include twelve- and fourteen-day which hit eight or even nine ports of call.

Cruise Companies

Cruise companies which journey through the Baltic Sea will include Windstar Cruises, well known for their “Travel & Leisure” best small cruise ships, as well as by “Porthole Cruise Magazine” for providing the most romantic cruise trips. Cunard Cruises, another luxury cruise company, operates in the area as well.

The company provides on board enrichment, interesting activities like astronomy lectures or book clubs. Larger, more commercial cruise companies like Holland America, Princess Cruises or Celebrity will cruise the Baltic Sea as well.

Things to Know

Cruise ships will explore the Baltic Sea from early May through late September, when the temperatures are warm. The summer season mark the peak tourist season of the area when here things can become a little crowded.

Tourists wanting to avoid such crowds should take into consideration traveling to the Baltic Sea in May or September when the temperatures cool down a bit. You should wear casual clothes like and T-shirts or shorts on daily time, but try to bring along mode modest clothing if you want to visit cathedrals or churches which may have dress codes.

Things You Will See

Explore the second oldest town of Finland, Porvoo, which has been founded in 1346. Visitors can access this town when docked in Helsinki, where they will also be able to explore the Helsinki Cathedral and the Government Palace of the country. Norway will feature the Vigeland Sculpture Park which has over 650 statues made of granite, bronze and wrought iron.

Also you can visit the Viking Ship Museum of the city. Exploring the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, which consists of fourteen islands connected by various bridges, can also be a very good idea.

Norway and the Baltic Cruises

Three Descriptions For Several Romantic River Cruises In London

Intimate dining or breathtaking sights will generally define a romantic river cruise tour in London.

 River Cruises In London

The Thames River will offer historical scenes of the capital of United Kingdom. Although sightseeing ships will travel the Thames River on a daily basis, more elegant ships will offer a romantic setting with music or dining included.

Whether a cruise during the day or a evening cruise on the Thames River, the atmosphere on these cruises will create an unforgettable experience for all the interested couples who wish to celebrate important moments of their life while they will enjoy London`s sights.

Bateaux London

Bateaux London will create a romantic evening which will include a dinner cruise tour combined with a classic Britain cuisine, live jazz music and dancing on board the comfortable glass boat. Sailing on board the Symphony will provide panoramic views from the dining area as well as exterior platforms.

The ship will glide on the Thames River and will pass under various bridges, famous London`s attractions or historic landmarks. Various experienced photographers will be available for capturing your special moment with your beloved one. The cruise tour will include 4-course a-la-carte menu, welcome drink as well as entertainment.

Bateaux London
Embankment Pier Victoria
011 44 7695 1800

Carefree London Tours

A candlelight dinner which will also include music and dancing on the sparkling river will highlight the Enchanting & Dreamy Nights cruise provided by Carefree London Tours. While sailing along the Thames River on board a historical ship, passengers will be able to enjoy a wine and 4-course dinner. A 3-piece band will perform during the evening.

Following the dinner, couples will also be able to enjoy romantic dance, step out to the exterior decks as well as enjoy the twinkling London`s lights during the night. Among the various sites that can be seen will be evening views of Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower of London or Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Carefree London Tours Ltd.
011 44 20 8856 1255

Woods River Cruises

Woods River Cruises operates a Veuve Clicquot Cruise which is actually a champagne brunch on board the Silver Sturgeon yacht. The Friday afternoon brunch will include various dishes season made, complimented with fine wines as well as homemade petit fours.

The 3-1/2-hour cruise tour will include a memorable view of the river`s curve at Waterloo Bridge and London`s contemporary riverscape. The river will leave at 11.30 from Savoy Pier along the Thames River and will cruise from Westminster to Greenwich and then back. Passengers are generally greeted with a delightful glass of Veuve Clicquot, which will be able to enjoy on the elegant Ensign Room Bar.

Woods River Cruises
Somerset House South
011 44 20 7759 1900

Thames River Cruise – London

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