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Advantages & Disadvantages About Nile River Cruises In Egypt

About Nile River Cruises to Egypt

If you are traveling to Egypt, you should know from the start that your trip is not complete until you will go on a cruise on the Nile, the largest river from the entire world. Nile river cruises are a part of the agenda of all your packages to Egypt.

Advantages of Nile River Cruises to Egypt

The most important advantage that you could get from a Nile river cruise is practically the irresistible deals that are available throughout the year, mainly if you manage to book a cruise in advance. There is also the “River Nile Cruise and Stay” option from which you can benefit. This type of options are a lot cheaper than the usual packages.

Nile River Cruises in Egypt

Another advantage offered by Nile river cruises to Egypt is that you will be able to cover pretty much all the Egypt through such a cruise since there will be various stops throughout the main cities or towns of the country. In a very short time, you will be able to check out all the main attractions that Egypt has to offer.

The customer services is extraordinary. During a Nile river cruise to Egypt, you will be able to experience great amenities such as spa facilities, interior swimming pools or other various amenities.

Disadvantages of Nile River Cruises to Egypt

Although a Cruise on the Nile is probably some of the best way for anyone to cover all the Egypt, there are a few disadvantages that you should consider. First, the cost of the ship from the Nile river are pretty high. Some of them are not really renowned, so they are kind of out of reach for many. Those which come cheap are not trustworthy from safety and security point of view.

Some of the travelers have felt that a cruise on the Nile river is rather tiring because they are on move at all time. For those who are looking for some relaxation time for their cruise, this is probably not the best idea. Because a cruise on the Nile has to cover most of the attractions that such a vast country like Egypt has to offer, it is only logical why a cruise on the Nile is always on the move.

If you have always wanted to see the Egypt, you will have the chance to do it from a different “angle” by going on a Nile river cruise. In just a few days, you will be able to see all the beauty that Egypt has to offer from the comfort of your cruise ship.

Nile River Cruise

Boat Tours Along The Chain Of Lakes In Florida

Florida`s Chain of Lakes, properly named “The Harris Chain of Lakes,” comprises Lake Carlton, Lake Harris and Lake Little Harris, Lake Osceola, Lake Apopka, Lake Yale, Lake Dora, Lake Eustis, Lake Beauclair and Lake Griffin. If you are looking for a quality experience only ten minutes from the theme parks of Orlando, you should take a boat tour of the chain of lakes.

Harris Chain of Lakes

The Harris Chain of Lakes includes thousands of acres of wetlands and lakes. The area promulgates the headwaters of the Ocklawaha River, considered the main river draining central Florida, and has been offered over to private occupation and relaxation use.

Scenic Boat Tours

The Chain Of Lakes In Florida

Boat trips on the Chain of Lakes will be conducted only by Scenic Boat Tours, company which is in business since 1938. They own an entire fleet of 6 eighteen-guest pontoon boats. Regular trips will be set up for singles, and special arrangements are able to be made for various private tour parties or groups.

They hour-long, twelve-mile cruise tour will run each and every day except Christmas, with scheduled tours which leave every hour between 10.00 and 16.00. Boarding will be taking place at east side of the end of Morse Boulevard on Lake Osceola, from which this trip will be exploring 3 lakes and 2 manmade canals.

Parking will be plentiful and ships will board on a first-come, first-served basis, so those guests waiting the longest will have the chance of getting the best seats. Life vests will also be offered, and experienced guides stop often to narrate about the flora and fauna. Take into consideration that Scenic Boat Tours will only be accepting cash as payment.

Restoration Council

The waterways of this certain area are generally being protected by the Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council. Among many other duties, the Council is being charged with lake restoration techniques, shoreline restoration, reviewing water quality, sediment control, recovery strategies, sport fish populations and exotic species management.

Expect to See

The opulent private estates which sprawl on these shorelines, whose values are generally seldom impacted by the financial and economic vagaries of the outside world, are quite something of a traveler attraction themselves.

From time to time, a racing shell from close Rollins College will provide another interesting attraction that visitors can enjoy, and water-skiers will occasionally show off on these lakes. The experienced guides often stop to offer detailed information on the most important mansions, some of which will be enjoying both wonderful sunrises or sunsets.

Chain of Lakes Boat Ride

Basics For Several Budapest Boat Tours Along The Danube River

The Blue Danube, which has been composed in 1867 by Johann Strauss, has remained a symbol of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the Danube River will still serve as the lifeline of Budapest, the capital of Hungary…

Budapest Boat Tours Along The Danube River

Many of the most impressive historic attractions from Budapest can be best seen on a boat tour along the Danube River, including the Royal Palace, the Chain Bridge or Hungary`s grand House of Parliament.

While the public transit company of Budapest provides limited boat service along the Danube River during the summer season, a few private companies are catering to distinct interests offering the majority of trips throughout the spring season, summer or fall.

Legenda Evening Tours

Budapest`s Legenda touring company will be focusing mainly on boat tours during the evening and dinner cruises on the Danube River. While Legenda will operate sightseeing tours during the day, passengers with reduced mobility should remember that this will involve a walk around Margaret island.

This tour company will provide two distinct types of evening tours, one catering only to those certain travelers who would like to catch a glimpse of the imposing bridges or other attractions of Budapest, while the other is only for those who are in the search of a more romantic atmosphere.

The evening sightseeing cruise tour will provide passengers free beer, Hungarian sparkling wine or soft drinks, while the romantic dinner cruise tour on board the glass-rooted Duna Bella boat adds votive candles as well as live music to this experience.

Legenda`s cruise tours will provide headsets offering narration as well as detailed information on all attractions in thirty languages, and on board staff who will be speaking English, German or French. All Legenda tours will depart from the Vigado Square station.

Budapest Transport Company Boat Service

The cheapest way to see what Budapest has to offer from the Danube River is by taking the Budapest Transport Company`s public ferry service. The BKV option will cost only the price of the traditional bus ticket, and the boat tour which will connect the northern points of suburban Budapest to the southern points of Petofi Bridge is a lot more extensive than those tours which are being provided by any private company.

The tour will include a single stop at Punkosdfurdo, located close to the historic town of Szentendre in the north side, and other various stops on Margaret and Obuda islands. The ship will be making thirteen stops along its way, and guests can hop on and off as they want.

BKV will not be offering non-Hungarian narrated cruise tours, beyond announcing stops or a general pamphlet, so passengers should try to bring tour books with them.

Boat ride down the Danube river in Budapest

Important Aspects To Know About River Cruises Between Sweden & Iceland

From the cosmopolitan sights of Iceland Sweden`s sweeping vistas, you will be able to see the contrasts between these two Nordic countries from the sea.

River Cruises Between Sweden and Iceland

Given the distance between Iceland and mainland Europe, most cruises which will be feature this country will use it as the main focus of the journey and leave from Norway or the British Isles for getting in the most time around the rugged coastline of Iceland.

Iceland will serve as a stop on a trans-Atlantic passage as well. However, several cruise routes will connect Iceland and Sweden.

Ports of Call

If you will be setting a sail from Sweden, you should choose a cruise that will leave from Stockholm. Besides that, if your schedule should be open for a stop in Sweden having a point of departure in a different country, the options will increase dramatically.

Depending on the cruise length you have chosen, ports of departure might include London or Dover. If you choose to leave from Iceland, you should set sail in Reykjavik. Along the way, a longer cruise route might visit ports in the Baltic, like St. Petersburg, Tallinn or Helsinki, or stop in various Norwegian cities like Bergen or Oslo.

Other cruises will stop in Dublin, Amsterdam, Cork or Belfast. For a trans-Atlantic cruise route, you will end up visiting Montreal, New York City, Halifax or Quebec City.

Cruise Companies

A cruise route which will include both Iceland and Sweden is pretty different from well known itineraries around the western Mediterranean or a standard trans-Atlantic cruise.

Cruise companies that provide stops in both these countries will include Seaborn, which provide long cruises, all lasting more than thirty days, on board their Odyssey-class yachts.

Holland America will provided cruises which stop in Nynasham as well, about one hour south of Stockholm, and also Teykjavik. Regent Cruises will provide two cruise routes which will stop in both these countries.

Duration & Timing

The cruises offered by Holland America, Regent and Seaborn all last from one month to one and a half month. Holland America and Seaborn use the month-plus journey for crossing the Atlantic, whereas the Regent cruise routes will be focusing around the northern parts of Europe. All of the cruises provided as being a summer journey, given the extreme weather or temperatures during the winter season, both Scandinavian and Iceland ports.

Exploring the Ports

All of the cruises to Iceland provided by Regent, Holland America and Seaborn will feature a stop in Reykjavik. In certain cases, you may spend some additional time in Ajureyri and Isafjordur, which are smaller ports in Iceland.

Reykjavik is considered a city well-suited to an entire day of strolling and sightseeing; during the summer season, plenty of cafes will open their terraces to diners. Make certain to walk the promenade along the seafront. If your cruise ship should dock overnight, you may enjoy the “midnight sun” of the summertime in the capital of this country.

In Sweden it is easy to spend the entire day just wandering the old town. However, the city will provide plenty of cultural attractions as well, from the Royal Theater where Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman had their own start, to modern Scandinavian design or architecture.

Stockholm, the river cruise and Vasa museum

Basics About Several Cruises Along The Orinoco River

Cruise tours along the Orinoco River from Venezuela are usually part of a cruise package which will combine several boat excursions along the river as well as its waterways with accommodations at a riverside lodge.

Cruises along the Orinoco River

Most cruises are located in the Orinoco Delta region, where the Orinoco river will meet the Atlantic Ocean and will form a large wetland where freshwater and saltwater species will mingle.

They generally tend to include some boat or canoe excursions with some jungle-based trips.

Angel-Eco Tours – Orinoco Delta River Cruise Tour Adventure

The Orinoco River Cruise Tour Adventure is presented by Angel-Eco Tours (which in the past also provided Oklahoma River cruise tours) and is practically a 2-day trip with its main focus on nature photography and bird watching. The tour will start with a ride on a water taxi to a lodge, during which you will also view pink dolphins, turtles or giant river otters.

After your arrival at the lodge, you will sail along the Orinoco Delta at a relaxation pace in a canoe, where you will be able to see macaws, toucans or howler monkeys in the jungle canopy, as well as dolphins, crocodiles or manatees in other tributaries of the Orinoco River. You will also be able to sail the river at dawn and dusk and also have the opportunity to fish for piranhas.

The tour will include some opportunities in visiting local villages or meet members of the Warao community as well. Swimming in the Orinoco River is also permitted but only optional. Accommodations during the night will be offered in the comfortable lodge, private cabins made of wood, as well as all meals will be included.

Orinoco tours – Orinoco Delta Tour

This river cruise tour is presented by Orinoco Delta Tour and is available only for 3 or 4 days. Both versions of this cruise tour will star with a boat excursion from Tucupita to the Orinoco Delta Lodge.

You will be eating lunch and set out your afternoon activities, which may include swimming or fishing for piranhas. Then, you will be able to take a sunset cruise tour while you will be seeing dolphins.

The second day will be dedicated to cruising along the Orinoco River, exploring various tributaries of the delta, disembarking for a jungle hike as well as spotting monkeys or parrots. You will enjoy a lunch at a Warao camp as well. The route will allow you time for individual activities before you will be returning to Tucupita.

Amazon Adventures – Adventure Amazonas

The Amazon Adventures cruise tour along the Orinoco River will last for 4 days and will differ from other types of river cruises, such as Amsterdam River cruises. The cruise will be conducted within the Venezuelan Amazon. rather than the Orinoco Delta.

The base for this adventure tour will be the Orinoquia Lodge, which is located on 5 acres between 2 sets of rapid along the river. For here, you will be taking various full- or half-day excursions by ship or by foot to various destinations which will include a handcraft market, a 260-foot water slide, a Curripaco Indian village and Isla Guajibo. One option for more adventurous tourists will be a rafting tip on Atures Rapids.

Orinocco River Cruise

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