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Best River Cruises

Several Cruise Tours Available On The Maroochy River

The Maroochy River will flow from the various peaks of the Blackall Range to the southeast Queensland`s coast. Maroochy Eco Tours will provide three river cruise tour options: the Nature Cruise, the Sunday Cruise and the Eco System Cruise. The cruise tours are generally conducted on board the M. V. Blue Laguna, a riverboat which will include e shaped viewing deck as well as an interior seating. The cruise line is being based in Maroochydore, a major city where Maroochy River and Coral Sea will meet.

Maroochy River Cruise Tours

Eco System Cruise

This is the most comprehensive tour provided by Cruise Maroochy Eco Tours. The average passenger will be able to see various habitats of the Maroochy River which will include rain forests, river islands, Bli Bli, wetland sanctuaries or Coolum Creek. Pay attention at kangaroos, wallabies, bellied sea eagles, azure kingfishers or whistling kites. Weather permitting, this tour will feature a guided trip in the wetland sanctuary, rain forest or boardwalk as well. The boardwalk will take you through a dense vegetation, while in the meantime a guide will narrate you about the rain forests environments or mangrove.

Nature Cruise

Cruise Maroochy Eco Tours will present the Nature Cruise which will take you around wetland islands for check out the wildlife or through a declared fish habitat. An eco-accredited tour guide will offer you detailed narration about the fauna and flora of the environment on the Maroochy River and about the cultural history of these local areas. Pay attention for jumping fish catching various insects, grey kangaroos or lizards basking.

Sunday Cruise

The Sunday Cruise on the Maroochy River will feature a relaxing pace and an open bar. You will be able to take in the scenery of Mount Coolum as well as the habitats which will change from mangroves to rain forests. You should bring your binoculars with you to be able to spot some of the 119 bird species around the coastal estuary of the river, including herons, three kingfisher species or pelicans. You may consult the bird books and many other reference material which will be provided on board the ship to be able to identify the fauna and the flora.

Several Choices Of Cruises Along The Amazon River In Brazil

The Amazon rainforest is considered the largest tropical rainforest from the entire world and is hosting a large amount of wildlife or colorful flora. One of the best ways for visiting this area is on board a river cruise tour, traveling along the Amazon River. Manaus, a Brazilian city, which is the largest in the Amazon jungle, is a point of departure/arrival of a wide variety of ships which will ply the water of the Amazon River.

Amazon River Cruises In Brazil

Iberostar Grand Amazon

The Iberostar Grand Amazon is a luxury vessel which will provide 4- and 5-day cruise along the Amazon River as well as its tributaries from Manaus. The 3-story vessel will feature a swimming pool on its main deck, nightly live entertainment, fitness center and 2 restaurants. The cruise tours will include excursions to shore on board small vessels or treks in the rainforest, piranha fishing, picture safaris or bird watching at the pristine Rio Puduari. Iberostar Grand Amazon will include food, lodging, drinks as well as entry fees to all parks or nature reserves.

Iberostar Grand Amazon
25-Downtown Manaus
(55) 92 2126 99 00

Amazon Clipper Cruise

The Amazon Clipper Cruise will offer 3-, 4- or 6-day cruise tours along the Amazon River on board a traditional river ship which will leave from Manaus. Passengers will find accommodations in double-bunk rooms, cuisine is freshly prepared on a daily basis from various items bought in local towns or fish which is caught from the water of the Amazon River. The cruise tours will include lectures during the night about the ecology of Amazon River and will also feature various visits to native local communities, hiking treks into the January Ecological Park, one of the largest pristine reserve from South America, and canoe trips into submerged forests.

Amazon Clipper Cruise
2665 South Bayshore Drive
(888) 527 2745

Dona Tania Gouseboat Tour

One of the most intimate ships which will offer multi-day cruise tours along the Amazon River, the Dona Tania is a houseboat which will include 6 cabins with air conditioned, which will offer 7- and 11-day cruise tours of this region. Cruise tours spend 3 days along the Amazon River itself and 3 to 6 days along the Rio Negro River, one of the major tributaries which will host some of the most pristine ecological Amazon Basin`s areas, which will also include Novo Airao, home of the extraordinary river pink dolphins. Cruise tours are mostly all inclusive and will be featuring an entire day of sightseeing in Manaus after the cruise tour has ended.

Done Tania Houseboat Tour

Basic Description For River Boat Tours On The Amazon

The second longest river on the globe, the Amazon will boast the vastest watershed in the world, with the greatest number of waterways or volume of water. It is also considered one of the widest rivers from the entire world, more than 5 miles across in certain places. The Amazon River starts in the Peruvian Andes and will flow eastward, nearly touching Colombia before it will continue its long course throughout Brazil. Tour the Amazon so you can see the lush tropical rainforest with its wildlife, become acquainted with regional cultures as well as partake in trips which will range from piranhas fishing to hiking.

Amazon River Boat Tours

Amazon Voyagers

Amazon Voyagers will provide one set of various tours in Brazil and another one in Peru. Brazilian cruise tours will leave from Manaus. Select from among assorted routes on board 6 different ships with various levels of accommodation, from a full-size luxury cruise vessel to a yacht. Many ships are generally equipped with small ships for exploring narrower bodies of water. Educational chances abound; for example, native experienced guides will teach the use of various medicinal plants. Peru cruise tours will leave from Iquitos; select from a fleet of 5 vessels providing routes of mixed lengths. Various activities might include a visit to a sugar cane distillery, hiking, nighttime canoeing or piranhas fishing.

Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions will provide 3-, 4- or 7-night Peru tours, starting and ending in Iquitos. Aqua Expeditions` two ships will feature luxurious accommodations which will include air conditioned suites, o few of them which can be connected to cater to families. Both ships will be equipped with aluminum skiffs for sightseeing trips, each led by experienced naturalist. Routs change depending on whether the Amazon River is in its high or low water season. Possible activities might include dolphin sightseeing trips for spotting endangered pink Amazon species, nighttime canoeing expedition for searching caimans or jungle exploration.

Green Tracks

Green Tracks provides eco-tours of 4, 5 or 7 days in Peru. The air conditioned cabins will come equipped with double beds and will feature various environmentally friendly amenities, like towels or linens which were crafted from natural materials. The on board biologist educated passengers about the abundant flora and fauna, or wildlife which will be observed from the ship. Get on board one of the riverboat`s skiffs to journey into Atun Poza Lake, where you will be able to see a plethora of bird species like egrets, herons or cormorants. Try and visit the Yanallpa community for becoming acquainted with the regional customs or culture.

Basics About Boat Tours Of Various Waterways From France

Sailing the waterways of France will provide you a way to view the beautiful sights without having to endure the hassle produced when boarding airplanes, trying to catch trains or deciphering various maps on an unknown road trip. River ships or barges will be able to serve gourmet meals which are generally made from various tasty ingredients that are gathered along the cruise, and the boat`s captain or crew members are usually quite knowledgeable about the landscapes, monuments or countryside.

France Boat Tours

The Bateaux-Mouches

To be able to catch one of the bateaux mouches from Paris, you will need to only show up in the 1st arrondissement at the Pont Neuf. The popular glass-roofed traveler boats which will include relaxing seats cluster will be taking off as soon as they will be filled with tourists. The guide will be pointing out various sight which may include The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. Most cruise tours will usually take around an hour, while dinner cruise tours will generally take longer.

Burgundy Canal Cruise

You might not think of a barge as being an upscale method of traveling, but the peniches which sail the canals or waterways from France have managed to be tricked out like boutique motels. Various accommodations of up to twelve guests in 6 suites and one single room will make L`Impressionniste the largest barge of first class along the Southern Burgundy canal. As most people already expected from her name, replicas of popular impressionist art works will be noticed on every part of the ship. The cruise tour will begin in Dijon with a gourmet dinner and champagne. Over the following week, you may visit the Dijon marketplace, take a short tour of the medieval town of Beaune, attend to wine tasting at Nuits St. George or spend an entire day at the Ducal Palace.

Canoe Tour of Southwest France

Not for the faint of heart, a canoe tour in the south-west part of France will combine history as well as adventure as guests will be paddling through the Lot Rivers, Cele or Dordogne. During this twelve-day tour by Battenkill, you will be spending a all the daylight hours traveling from a relaxing mood to moderately rapid waters while you will be able to enjoy the scenery as well as stop for exploring the castles, medieval villages or caves which will dot the cliffs near the riverbanks. Most of the evenings will bring food from the local regions as well as wine from one of the most charming villages which will then be followed by a night spent in a comfortable inn.

Basic Aspects Regarding Tours Along The Rhine River

The impressive Rhine River is considered the most important as well as longest river from Europe. The Rhine River will offer a direct line for traveling to many of the major European cities. This will allow all goods to be transported fast and easy on this river. Bicycle cruise tours will offer travelers a first-hand glimpse of the river as well as its incredible scenery.

Rhine River Tours

Rhine River Castle Tours

The Rhine River is considered the home of many majestic and old castles. Some of these castles will date back into the Middle Ages and were the home to important overlords who for period of time ruled over the smaller villages. They used to protect inhabitants from other rival marauders or countries. Castle tours along the Rhine River will very often involve riding bicycles on this river until a certain castle will be in sight. Then travelers will ride up to the castle, touring it. The 50-mile stretch on the Rhine river from Mainz to Koblenz will include over 18 castles in Burg Rheinstein, Burg Maus or Bingen, among many other ones.

Wine Country Bicycle Tours

German wine country provides travelers scenic views to watch while they bike along the Rhine River. Cycle trails will offer travelers up-close views of the nearby areas. Tourists may stop at vineyards for wine tasting and tours. This will offer an alternative to just cycling this area. A notable winery can be found close to the Gasthaus Hotel, which is located on the banks of the Rhine River and provides a very comfortable place for cyclists for spending the night. If you will be in Germany in July, Eltville near Mainz will put on an champagne festival which takes place every year. Vineyards dot the entire area from Eltville to Bad Salzig and also surround the Pfalz areas.

Climate of the Rhine River Area

The Rhine river Valley generally has a desirable summer climate for tour with bicycles. With various summer highs which will averagely be around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature is mostly on the warm part. But the river will cool the surrounding air quite a lot, which will make the temperature of this area being ideal for bicycling. You might experience light showers from time to time, mostly on summer afternoons when the humidity will tend to be a little higher. Winter weather will not be just as bike-friendly; even if it is generally relatively mild with average temperatures around 30 to 40 degrees, snow has always been a common thing in the winter season.

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