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Best River Cruises

Cruising On The Willamette River In Portland

The Willamette River starts in one of the most fertile wine producing regions from Oregon before it will flow to the north where will meet the Columbia River. It will separate Portland into western and eastern halves, passing past a few historic neighborhoods or small islands.

Cruising On The Willamette River In Portland

The best time for a cruise along the Willamette River is from spring to fall, you will be able to catch a tour during the entire year having a comfortable seat inside as well. You may choose from a quiet affair which will have included a meal, a unique way for celebrating a Portland event or a hair-raising adventure.

River Sights

Although your experienced guide may choose either one of the sights to highlight, there will be a lot of features which most boat riders will be able to watch. Tourists who will be heading south along the Willamette River toward Oregon City may be rewarded with beautiful sights of the Willamette River. With almost 42-feet high, this cascade will be the largest waterfall in the entire nation. Pay attention for various signs of beavers in the water or the salmon which will swim below. Geese, songbirds or ducks will take advantage of riparian habitat on the shores of this river, as well as a favorite to watch for the official bird of Portland, the great blue heron.

Adventure Cruises

Sailing along the Willamette River by jet boat will perhaps feel a lot like cruising in a sports car than actually a river tour. Having the wind whipping your hair, you will be flying on the Willamette River in an exciting journey. Boats may reach various speeds of up to 40mph, leaving more of the riders to hang on for the turns or bumps. Fast boat maneuvers will splash quite a lot of the river`s water on board the ship, so you will probably have to be prepared to get wet. Willamette Jetboat Excursions will combine bursts of slower travel with fast speed, and when the situation will permit it, experienced guides will talk about various points of interest along the tour.

Cruises with Meals

Extend your cruise tour from a casual sightseeing trip to a beautiful dining experience by taking a cruise tour which will include a meal as well. Cruises might take more then the casual sightseeing tour, and may also tend to include north-western delights on the menus. The cuisine on a Portland Spirit cruises will include salmon filets, jumbo prawns or Dungeness crab. Lunch, brunch or dinner will be all prepared on board and served to you while you will gazing at the scenery.

A Cruise on the “Portland Spirit”

Basics About Three Cruises On The St. Lawrence River

Sailing along the St. Lawrence River is a popular way of relaxation in southeastern Canada. This river will connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes, travels through various provinces from Canada, such as Ontario or Quebec, and will run near the international border between the United States and Ontario. The 1000 islands area is a famous cruising spot near the St. Lawrence River.

St. Lawrence River Cruises

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines will provide various cruise tours on the St. Lawrence River of 4-day – 3-night cruises from Kingston to Montreal, and 6-day – 5night cruise tours between Kiingston and Quebec. Most cruise tours will explore various channels and passages of the 1000 islands, one of the three archipelagos of the St. Lawrence River. Cruise tours will take place on board the Canadian Empress, a ship with multi-decks, which was built as a replica of the boat which commonly plied the St. Lawrence River in the beginning of 1900s. The vessel was launched in 1981.

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines
253 Ontario St.
800 267 7868

Pearl Sea Cruises

Pearl Sea Cruise will provide an 8-day – 7-night cruise tour on the St. Lawrence River between Kingston and Quebec. Much of the time spent at sea is for passengers to explore the various channels and passages of 1000 islands, and guests may choose from a wide variety of shore trips in the various ports where the boat will dock, including Trois Rivieres, Clayton, Toronto, Quebec City or Montreal. Well known shore trips will include the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site, a walking tour of Old Montreal, Thousand Islands Museum in Clayton and the birthplace of iron industry in Canada.

Pearl Sea Cruises
41 Boston Post Road
800 983 7462

Blount Small Ship Adventures

Blount Small Ship Adventures will provide 10-day – 9-night cruise between New York and Toronto which will include a lengthy cruise tour on the St. Lawrence River. The Skylines & Islands cruise tour will start along the Hudson River, with the vessel cruising through the Erie Canal and then continuing on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario and, finally, Toronto. Various ports along the way will include Amsterdam, NY; Toronto, Canada; Hamilton, ON; New York City; Port Weller, ON; Sylcan Beach, NY. The cruise tour may be taken in reverse as well – from Toronto along the St. Lawrence River on the Hudson River and back to New York.

Blount Small Ship Adventures
800 556 7450

Basics About Various Wine Tours In Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Willamette Valley is considered the center of the agricultural region of the state as well as the largest concentration of vineyards or wineries. The largest American Viticultural Area, the area wine-making industry started at the middle of the `60s. You are able to take a tour of the Wine Country from Oregon where you can experience the flavor and the ambiance of the Willamette Valley. Winery tours will range from self-guided-wine trails or full-service tour companies to chauffeured driving tours; several of these tours will be reflective of the options which are available in Willamette Valley.

Willamette Valley Tours

Choosing a Wine Tour

The Willamette Valley is a sixty miles wide and one hundred and fifty miles long, having more than two hundred and fifty wineries peppering the countryside. Making a decision upon the wine tour which you feel is right for you will be contingent upon the features which you will need, the exact area which will be visiting and the degree of freedom which you will need. Driving companies will provide maximum freedom, allowing you to be chauffeured to the wineries which you will be choosing within the territory of the company. Winery tour companies will provide set routes as well as transportation. You may follow an experienced guide tour as well, or simply take one of the wine trails of the region, which will feature posted signs on the highway, making it a lot easier for you to get from winery to winery within a certain area.

Booking a Tour With a Winery Tour Group

Make arrangements for personal winery tour services with various tour groups like Oregon Wine Tours. Tours guides will offer general information about wines or the area`s history, while offering door-to-door service to the wineries as well. Oregon Wine Tours will provide special tours packages or customizable tours as well, which may include the “Day of Romance” tour, a special tour which will include a beautiful and romantic gourmet lunch with various selections of chocolates. Insiders Wine Tours will be specializing in offering various tours of the boutique and premier wineries of the valley, which will also include Video Vineyard, ADEA Winery or Anderson Family Vineyard, all of which are popular for their pinot noir vintages. Package tours will include an experienced guide as well as transportation.

There are many other tours which may interest you along the Willamette Valley, and with a small research over the internet you can find several cruise options in no time.

Descripton Of Four Various Hotels Near The Miami Cruise Terminal

If you are from Miami and you have always desired to go on a cruise, there are a lot of chances that you have also thought about the nearby hotels from the Miami cruise terminal. Below you will have the opportunity to find some basic descriptions relating to four hotels that are located in the near area of Miami cruise terminal.

Miami Cruise Terminal

1. Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Miami hotel is located on 400 S.E. 2nd Ave near the Miami cruise terminal. This hotel have around six hundred rooms which provide high internet connection, phone service, satellite television, hair dryer, microwave, refrigerator or bathrobes. (305) 358 1234 is the phone number that you can call for reservations.

Hyatt Regency Miami
400 South East Second Avenue, Miami, FL. 33132
(305) 358 1234

2. Holiday Inn Marina Park Port of Miami Hotel

The Holiday Inn Marina Park Port of Miami hotel is located at 340 Biscayne Blvd. near the port of Miami and it includes over two hundred rooms and eight suites. This hotel is very popular for their high quality services and can also easily be noticed that their main goal of their staff is the guest`s well being. Calling at (800) 356 3584 can give you the chance to book a room at this hotel.

Holiday Inn Port of Miami-Downtown
340 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL. 33132
(305) 371 4400

3. Occidental Plaza Hotel

The Occidental Plaza hotel is located at 100 Southeast 4th St. near the Miami port and it has over one hundred forty rooms and around one hundred suites. This hotel has become very well known over the past few years and many new cruise passengers are coming every year interested in their services, as the quality is their main goal here and its location near the cruise terminal of Miami is definitely an advantage. For reservations, you can call at (305) 374 5100 or by getting in touch with them through their official web site.

Occidental Plaza
100 Southeast 4th St. Miami, FL 33131
(305) 374 5100

4. InterContinental Miami Hotel

This particular hotel if located three-quarters of a mile away from the Miami cruise port and it include high quality accommodations. The hotel was built in 1982 and it includes over 640 guestrooms spread on 34 levels offering extraordinary views of Biscayne Bay. The amenities included at this hotel are 24-hour business center, swimming pool, spa services or concierge. Other features will include two restaurants and a Starbucks which is available non stop. Each of its guestrooms will include a mini-bar, oversize windows, marble bathroom and 24-hour room service.

InterContinental Miami
100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL 33131
(305) 577 1000

Six Steps About How To Cruise Along The St. Lawrence River

There are many cruise enthusiasts out there who are always in the look of new and exciting things, but do not know that St. Lawrence River is an ideal choice for something like this. This river will begin from the eastern side of Lake Ontario and will empty into the Atlantic Ocean, practically acting like a border between the United States and Canada. The wildlife, the scenery that you can find along the river, the cities or the town make from the St. Lawrence River some of the greatest place for cruising while they will learn about the local history.

Cruise Along The St. Lawrence River

1. Use a map and try to locate the St. Lawrence River by simply finding Lake Ontario which is close to Rochester. Across the Lake Ontario is located the Canadian city of Kingston.

2. Try to trace the St. Lawrence River eastward through New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont on the United State side, and through Quebec and Ontario on the Canadian side. Take a look at photos which will show you the change in scenery from cliffs or estuaries to lakefront.

3. Take a decision regarding the length of your cruise. There are several cruises which will leave from Kingston and which will go downriver all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, or cruises during the day from various ports along the way.

4. You will also be able to explore all the cultural and historic sites encountered along the way like Upper Canada Village near the border between Quebec and Ontario where can be found original buildings from nineteenth century and day-to-day re-enactments of lifestyle in the era.

5. You may also plan a cruise tour which will include various stops in Quebec or Montreal. These two cities are full of restaurants, museums, shopping as well as many historical areas.

6. Look at various opportunities for whale watching on a cruise on the St. Lawrence River past Quebec as the waterways will widen on their way to the Atlantic Ocean.

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