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Best River Cruises

Hudson River Cruises Available From New York

Hudson River cruises in New York will offer a beautiful overview of this river which runs from Kingston to Westpark, or from Albany to Castleton. This river will flow the entire New York state`s length, with the exception of the last 20 miles, which will consist the boundary of the state between New Jersey and New York. The widest point of the Hudson River is 3 miles at Haverstraw Bay, which is positioned between Westchester and Rockland counties.

Hudson River Cruises

The Rip Van Winkle is a 120-foot long boat which will provide extraordinary views along the Hudson River. You will be passing lighthouses like the Rondout Lighthouse or the Esopus Meadows Lighthouse on a cruise tour that will last for about two hours. Various opulent waterfront mansions will include Wyndcliff Mansion which has been built for Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones.

Hudson River Cruises from NY

Another mansion that you will be able to see along the way will be the Dinsmore which has also been built in 1936 for the Hulls. The French chateau-style Payne mansion that has been built in 1910, was the home to Col. Oliver Hazard Payne who was involved in the founding of U.S. Street. This is known in our days as Marist Mid Hudson Valley Camp. For those interested in fall foliage cruises, the Rip Van Winkle will also be available which has the capacity of carrying up to 300 guests. According to the official website of the company, starting from 2010, cruises will start on May 8 and will operate until late October.

Hudson River Cruises
1 East Strand St.
(800) 843 7472

Dutch Apple Cruises Inc.

The Dutch Apple II is a 65-foot boat which has been designed for earlier day cruising. the riverboat will take guests from various ports between New York and Albany along the Hudson River on a 2-hour sightseeing cruise. Narrated cruise tours will be offered from Albany to Castleton a few times per week.

Another round-trip cruise tour will be provided from Albany to the Troy Lock. Cruises for special occasions will include Father`s Day and Mother`s Day, as well as a July Fourth dinner cruise. Food cruises will include Sunday brunch and dinner with a cash bar and entertainment (alcoholic and soda beverages will also be included). There will be some private charters available for group cruising as well.

Dutch Apple Cruises Inc.
Albany, NY 12201
(518) 463 0220

New York City River Cruise

Basic Aspects For Several Niagara Falls Riverboat Tours

According to Niagara Falls Live, each and every year over 12.000.000 people will travel to New York and Ontario`s border, for visiting Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Riverboat Tours

Niagara Falls is considered one of the oldest tourist attractions in the nation and the second-largest falls from the entire world. Only being able to see the Falls from the Niagara Gorges will offer you the entire appreciation of their true power.

There are 2 distinct tour lines which will provide tours of Niagara Falls, each of them offering its very own level of adventure for those certain travelers who have enough courage to get very near to the falls.

Maid of the Mist

Since 1846, the Maid of the Mist ships have managed to take travelers very near of the thundering Falls, getting them close enough for them to feel the spray of the falls.

Before this tour, passengers will be able to receive a beautiful souvenir raincoat which they will keep. Maid of the Mist owns docks on both the Canadian and American side of the Niagara Falls. For those visiting the falls from Canada, the ride will leave for the north part of Queen Victoria Park close to the Rainbow Bridge.

Those visiting from the United States will be able to get on board the ship from the New York State Falls Observation Tower side. The tour will last for around 30 minutes, and ships will leave every 15 minutes.

The operating period will be running from April or May through October, if weather conditions will permit it.

Maid of the Miss
151 Buffalo Avenue
(716) 284 8897

Whirlpool Jet Dome Rides

For the thrill of the fiver water rapids located close to Niagara Falls, you should consider to make a booking of a tour on the Whirlpool Jet Dome.

This tour will often run from Canadian dock of Whirlpool Jet Dome Tours, but various groups of fifteen and even more people may book an entire private tour from Lewiston. The tour will take passengers through the beautiful scenery, and the Jet Dome ships will also include pneumatic doors which will be closing when the boat will hit the rapids for keeping passenger dry.

Throughout the rest of this extraordinary tour, the door will remain open. Headsets will be included to allow passenger hear the narration as they will witness the wonder that Niagara Falls has to offer. The Jet Dome tour will welcome passengers with ages of over four years old and will be running from late April through early October.

Whirlpool Jet Dome Rides
115 S. Water St. Lewiston
(888) 438 4444

Riverboat in Niagara Falls

Several Choices For Cruises Along The Amazon River

The wonderful wildlife of the Amazon will always attract a lot of adventure enthusiasts. But the wildlife will also include sometimes a few dangerous creatures such as anacondas, poison arrow frogs or think jaguars.

River Cruises Along The Amazon River

To try and enjoy the adventure of such a cruise tours and also stay safe, tourists will often choose those organized Amazon River cruise tours.

This type of cruise tours will not only be taking care of your basic practical needs, but they will offer professional guides who will narrate to you about the natural wonders and cultural phenomena of the area.

GreenTracks Amazon Tours

You may sail the Amazon in a modern comfort on a GreenTracks river cruise tour. In the large Pacaya-Samiria Reserve from Peru, you will have the opportunity of getting a close-up look at the extraordinary flora and fauna as you will be hiking as well as taking small vessels up creeks.

Experienced naturalist guides will point out wildlife from monkeys or macaws to frogs or beautiful butterflies. While on this cruise tour, you will also be able to learn a little more about the ethnobotany of this area – in other words, how the inhabitants here will use the local plants.

Night hikes are among the most popular features of this type of cruise tours; it is quite a thrill to watch how the eyes of a caiman will glow orange in the night`s darkness.

GreenTracks Amazon Tours
416 County Road 501
(800) 892 1035


Elderhostel, a well known provider of lifelong learning, now is using the “Exploritas” name for its tours. Exploritas will provide a number of cruise tours along the Amazon River, each and every one of it with a different focus.

One tour in Peru will mix an Amazon River Cruise with a study of the Incan empire. Along the river, you will be able to view the wildlife like bright toucans, poison frogs or river pink dolphins; you will be able to take hikes during the day or night; you will be able to hear about the history or ecology from experienced historians.

Another cruise tour will take passengers to Ecuador, where they will traverse the Amazon River in a dugout canoe or a motorized canoe. Then, they will proceed to Quito where they will be able to learn about the culture of Ecuador.

11 Ave. de Lafayette
(800) 454 5768

Ecobrazil Tours

Ecobrazil Tours will provide a guided tour which will start in the Manaus jungle city close to the spot where the Solimoes and Rio Negro river will meet before creating the Amazon River. The river ship will take passengers past homes of stilts to the Lake January Ecological Park, which is the home of giant water lilies.

On rainforest hikes, you will be able to see all species of animals such as peccaries, piranhas, orpho butterflies or monkeys. The cruise tour will be stopping at the Anavilhanas, which is located about 395 miles in the center of the Amazon River.

Ecobrazil Tours
2206 Hollywood Blvd.
(954) 921 3838

South American Adventure: Amazon River Cruise

Three Options Available For River Cruise Tours On The Sacramento River

The expansive Sacramento Delta is considered to be one of Sacramento`s crowning jewels. Its waterways weave their way throughout the capital of California, making a river cruise tour the ideal way to sea the sights of the city. There are a number of cruise companies which operate on the Delta and other waterways, providing scheduled tours with the real opportunity of renting riverboats for your own private desires as well.

Hornblower Cruises & Events

Hornblower Cruises & Events will generally set sail along the Sacramento River as well as on many other waterways from California. The company owns two ships for this type of cruise tours, the Capitol Hornblower and the Empress Hornblower, which are docked in downtown Sacramento. The Empress Hornblower will evoke the ambiance of the nineteenth century through its design and decor. The lower deck of this riverboat will be able to hold 90 to 100 passengers and the upper deck up to 70 passengers.

River Cruise Tours On The Sacramento River

The Capitol Hornblower is a more contemporary vessel than its sister cruise ship. This river cruise boat has very large windows which are very useful for sightseeing and teak wood bar. Hornblower offers scheduled dining tours and can arrange cruises for private events as well. Various scheduled cruises will include 2-hour Champagne Brunch Cruises and 2 two-and-a-half-hour cruise tours as well. Hornblower includes various river cruise package deals for private cruise tours as well. They will offer party planners for such type of events so they can assist you with anything that you may need with the planning of your cruise tour.

Hornblower Cruises & Events
1206 Front St. Sacramento
(916) 466 1185

Sacramento Yacht Charters

At the present, Sacramento Yacht Charters operate 4 different vessels: Sac Quack, a water trolley; the Island Girls, a luxury yacht; Spirit of Sacramento, a paddle wheeler; and River Otter, a riverboat taxi. The company will hire out these river cruise boats for weddings, birthdays, cocktail parties, sunset tours or corporate events. Such cruise tours may last from 1 to 3 hours, and for parties with under 40 invited guests they will serve sit-down meals while for parties with over 40 invited guests, they will serve buffet-style hors d-oeuvres.

Sacramento Yacht Charters
1107 Front St. Sacramento
(916) 444 8052

Bay View Charters

Cruise-goers include 8 options with Bay View Charters: Empress, Island Serenade, Voyager, Avalon, the Journey, May Pie, Island Girl or Celebrations. The vessels may accommodate between 6 and 150 passengers and will range in size from 35 feet to a little over 100. Bay View Charters provides scheduled cruise tours which take place for Sacramento, Vallejo, Angel Island or San Francisco. The only regular scheduled event of Sacramento is the annual Mother`s Day brunch that the company will offer to all the interested travelers.

Bay View Charters will also be able to arrange public or private cruise tours of the USS Iowa, a military ship that fought in Korean War which now sits in Suisun Bay and is inactive. Additionally, they will book a wide range of private events which will also include the scattering of remains.

Bay View Charters
1682 Benicia
(800) 817 8774

Sacramento River CA jet boat run

RiverBoat Cruises Along The Willamette River In Portland

You can not come to Portland and not have something to do with the two enormous rivers, the Columbia and Willamette.

River Boat Cruises Along The Willamette River

These two rivers will join forces in the area of Portland before emptying into the Pacific Ocean, creating a wonderful scenery along the city filled with riverside parks and bridges of architectural wonders. Another well known activity is to take a tour along this city by river boat, but the ship will vary quite a lot depending on your style.

A Dinner Cruise

One of the most well known ways of touring the Willamette River is on board the Portland Spirit; a lunch or dinner cruise on board this ship will last from two to three hours. Passengers will be having a mellow ride from Old Town Portland, while they will enjoy on board rack of lamb, tenderloin with wild local mushrooms, Dungeness crab cakes or Oregon blue cheese. Other various options will include a brunch cruise as well as a “sightseeing” pass which will allow you to join the actual tour with no goods included whatsoever.

Fast & Furious

A decidedly more exciting way to view the Willamette River is to actually take either one of the jet boat tours provided by Willamette Jet Boats. The 2-hour tour on board a guest jet boat offers you a fast-paced ride along the Willamette Falls area, with experienced guides providing interesting information about the wildlife and the history of the area. Another great option that you may select will be the 1-hour Bridges cruise tours which will include a ride along the Portland Waterfront. Ships will be leaving from the Oregon Museum Science and Industry located on the east part of the Willamette River.

Steeped in History

Another boat cruise on the Willamette River will allow you to enjoy a dive into the history of Portland. The Sternwheeler Rose is a replica of a nineteenth century paddle-wheeler. The ship will be taking passengers along a cruise tour on the Willamette River as well as Willamette Falls from Oregon City port, located in the south side of Portland, during the entire year with the exception of December, when the ship will be docked in Portland. Features will generally include a catered dinner as well as full service bar.


When you will be headed on a cruise tour on the Willamette River, the weather conditions may have to be taken into consideration. Most cruise tours will involve at least a few hours outdoors, so you will have to be prepared. If you will be headed to Portland from early October through late May, you should bring rain gear with you as well as a warm hat, layers or gloves. During all the other months, a light rain jacket should also be a good idea to have with you, since you will have no idea when in Portland the dark clouds will be rolling on you. While seasickness will not usually be a problem for most of the people, if you will be especially prone to it, try to make certain you will be taken the proper measures to slow it before you will board.

Walking Along the Willamette River, Portland Oregon USA

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