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Several Points Of Interest To Visit While Cruising On The Rhine River

Sailing on the Rhine River on board one of those riverboats will allow you to see plenty of great attractions. But to do this, you first have to know what attractions are available along a Rhine River cruise. Below you will see some short descriptions for three attractions that you can visit on board an European cruise along the Rhine River.

1. Rheinfels Castle

The sprawling ruins of Burg Rheinfels lord over the riverside promenade of St. Goar. This Rhine River attraction was once one of the mightiest fortress on the Rhine River and is a must-see if you are in the nearby area. The construction was built in 1245 by the counts of Katzenelnbogen and it was supposed to be a base for their operations of toll-collecting.

Cruising On The Rhine River

The castle has been involved in a withstood attack coming from the 28.000 French troops of Louis XIV in 1682, as well as in many other battles. In the end, Napoleon was the one who destroyed the castle in 1797 with the “help” of his French Revolutionary army.

The labyrinthine layout of the castle is practically extraordinary and its size has an imposing allure. Its subterranean tunnels, its mine galleries or its gigantic vault cellar no longer attracts only children, but adult travelers as well. The only complete room of the castle has been turned into a museum.

2. Loreley Rock

The story says that near the St. Goarshausen town, in the romantic Rhine Valley there was a siren which has been named Loreley by the locals and who has been said that bewitch sailors from her granite rock, thus causing them to lose control of their ships and eventually sink.

This pretty massive granite outcrop which rises to almost 450 feet in the air above the Rhine River is pretty dangerous; the narrowest part of the Rhine River between the North Sea and Switzerland is pretty much surrounded by rapids or reefs that can be a threat to ships. In our days a safe channel has been marked by buoys and no one from the locals will admit of hearing Loreley singing. In translation, Loreley means “the murmuring rock”.

This area is that much important for its wine-making. Starting with 1395, the Counts of Katzenelnbogen have had many vineyards in these areas and it is been said that they was the ones who invented Riesling as well.

3. Stolzenfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)

Schloss Stolzenfels manage to exude the sentimental beauty for which the Rhine River has become famous as it offers to its guests omate gables, fantastic fortifications that are a few centuries old and crenellated turrets. The castle has been built in the XIII century and was intended to impose the illegal river tolls as it had all the features necessary for such a thing: an impressive getaway, a drawbridge, a chapel and a keep.

A Prussian king has managed to rebuild it in 1823 and has turned it in to his residency. In our days, the rooms have remained pretty much as the king left them. There is an extraordinary exhibit of weaponry and armor.

Europe: Cruise on the Rhine River

What To Wear When Cruising Along The Danube River

If in the last couple of months you are more and more sure that you want to go on one of those extraordinary river cruises to release the tension of your daily problems, than you really have to choose one of those Danube River cruises. If this idea may sound good to you, than it is quite important to have some knowledge about what to pack for your river cruise.

Cruising Along The Danube River

For you to manage this rather easy thing, you will have to take into consideration various things, such as if the weather may be appropriate for a cruise, what requirements your vessel will have, or if you have enough room in your suitcases for souvenirs.

Danube River cruises will generally provide you many interesting things during your sailing, but if it happens for you to pack in a wrong manner, than there will be pretty big chances for you to spend some of your vacation money on things that you first did not expected.

Proper Clothing for Certain Seasons

The best season for a Danube River cruise is during the summer when the weather is ideal for cruising, so it is pretty obvious that you will have to bring with you light clothing, perfect for this kind of weather. By light clothing you should understand light pants and shirts, because you will not want to be too overdressed for your cruise along the Danube River.

During the evening the weather may get a little colder, so it will be a good idea if you will also bring a light sweater with you. Shoes are also important and you should consider packing another pair of good shoes besides the ones you are wearing during your cruise.

There are a lot of travelers out there who bring with them flip flops, as they think that such a cruise will mean just sitting on the boat`s deck and watching the Danube River`s landscapes. While this is also true, a Danube River cruise will also mean visiting historical cities during stops on various ports of call along the cruise.

Formal Clothing For Certain Evening Occasions

You may be a little surprised, but even those short 3-day cruises generally have formal dinners, so you may want to get prepared to such occasions as well. When you will want to pack for a Danube River cruise, it is quite fine to think at your own comfort as well.

However, there may also be certain evenings when you may attend to the manager`s dinner. Such events will not necessarily require that you will have to dress nice, but if you should dress nice, it will most certainly not hurt. There are certain Danube River cruises when formal dinner tuxedo may be required, so making sure you know whether this will be the situation well in advance will not hurt as well.

Or you can just take one with you just in case. And if you should desire to attend to any special event during your cruise like, let us say an opera, you will most certainly need the proper clothing for such an occasion.

Free Space in your Suitcases for Souvenirs

Your personal suitcase should also have some space for any possible souvenirs that you might get along the way. Pretty much all Danube River cruises will have various shops included in their itineraries where you will have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs. You should also make some comparisons between various suitcases so check if you have bought the right one.

Blue Danube River Cruise

Aspects You Should Consider When Choosing Your Next Rhine River Cruise

About Rhine River Cruises

The Rhine River is a very well known river considered by many a synonym for history as well as for romance.


If one should sail on Rhine River will most certainly be able to come back with some really unforgettable moments.

There are many travelers from all over the globe that visit the nearby areas along the river so they can admire the extraordinary landscapes that Rhine River has to offer.

A small guide through some various details about the Rhine River will most certainly be able to prepare you for any eventual cruise on this river.

Overview of Rhine River Cruises

The Rhine River is one of the longest rivers from Europe. The river starts in Switzerland, runs through Netherlands and will stop in the North Sea. By sailing on the Rhine River, you will allow yourself a beautiful cultural and historical experience of various cities, castles, towns as well as other impressive local regions.

When is the Best Time for Rhine River Cruises

Two of the best seasons for cruising on the Rhine River will have to be the spring and the summer. The only really disadvantage of sailing on these two seasons will be that most of the cruises are already packed with other various travelers as well.

During the winter season, the weather might be a little colder, and the various activities from numerous historical towns may slow down a bit, finding them a little less exciting, but there are also a lot less crowded; you will have to judge for yourself which are the best seasons for a Rhine River cruise.

Choosing Rhine River Cruises

Viking River Cruises or Euro River Cruises are only two from a lot more other cruises which are able to offer you a truly unique experience on the Rhine River.

But having so many choices from which you can choose, how can you know which is the best option for you? Consider the following guidelines below and you might bring some light into your thoughts.

1. Price

As in any other domain of interest, the cost of a cruise may be affected by the period of the year in which you choose to travel. The length, the itinerary and some other various aspects may also affect the price of your cruise.

Deluxe Rhine River cruises will most certainly be more expensive than the traditional once, but you will also get a lot more amenities included in your cruise package. Compare a few different cruise deals from various providers and make a decision about which you feel is more suitable for you.

2. Itinerary

The itinerary that you will choose may also affect the value of your future Rhine River cruise. Whether or not your itinerary may include various ports of call might also be another aspect which will affect it.

You should also allow yourself enough time for viewing the extraordinary landscapes that the river has to offer because it makes no sense whatsoever to book a Rhine River cruise which will not include at least one of your favorites ports of call as well.

3. Length

What is the length of your future Rhine River cruise? This is a question of which you should have an answer before booking the actual cruise. The length of a river cruise may very well vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, so make a decision of how long you wish to cruise so you can narrow down your available options.

Viking River Cruise, Rhine River Europe

Three Various Cruise Tour Options For River Cruises In Massachusetts

No mater if you will want a quick escape to a pristine natural environment or just a spirit trip which will offer you a panoramic view of the city of Boston, there will always be a Massachusetts river cruise tour that will suit your needs.

Cruise Tour Options For River Cruises In Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is actually home of more than 4.200 miles of various rivers and tributaries which are being ranked by very dense forests, wealth of historical towns or colonial architecture.

Massachusetts river tours will offer travelers the real opportunity to be able to explore the scenic beauty of the surroundings while learning a little bit about its history as well.

Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise

The Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise is practically a one-and-a-half-hour of narrated cruise tour of Boston`s Inner Harbor. The cruise tour is being operated by Boston Harbor Cruise, a company that has been offering its services since 1926.

The Charles River & Locks Sightseeing Cruise will provide unobstructed sightseeing tours of the Cambridge skylines and Boston, it will pass many noteworthy sights, here included the USS Constitution, one of the oldest commissioned vessels from the entire world which is still afloat, Old North Church, Beacon Hill, Bunkerhill or M.I.T. Various on board amenities will include liquor bars and snacks, as well as alcoholic beverages for free. This cruise tour will run from June until September and it is being offered on a daily basis every week.

Boston Harbor Cruise
One Long Wharf Boston
(617) 227 4321

Cape Ann`s River Cruise

Cape Ann`s River Cruise is practically a laid back trip which will travel along the Annisquam River on the north side of Massachusetts. This cruise tour will be conducted by the Cape Ann`s Marina Resort located in Gloucester which is a beautiful city, the home of one of the oldest seaports from United States. The cruise tour will take place on board the “Anni” pontoon boat which will take the guests through several interesting attractions such as the Annisquam Harbor Light house, riverfront homes or cottages or Ipswich Bay. Beverages and light snacks will be provided along the way, but only for purchase while on board. Cruise tours will run from June through Labor Day. The passengers that will stay at least one single night at Cape Ann`s Marina Resort will be able to receive complimentary admission to this river cruise tour.

Cape Ann`s Marina Resort
75 Essex Ave.
(978) 283 0806

Essex River Cruise & Charters

Essex River Cruise & Charters provides various narrated cruise tours on the Essex River as well as a few other various sights which have been crystallized in Hollywood films. The cruise tours will take place in Essex, which is a coastal town that is located 25 miles in the north side of Boston; they will travel a tidal estuary which flanks the Atlantic Ocean. The one-a-half-hour cruise is the most extensive excursion provided by the company. The cruise tour will take guests along a sprawling itinerary which will provide glimpses of many attractions, like Cross Islands, a salt water marsh or the Ship Building Museum. This cruise tour will also past through a few sites which have been featured in many Hollywood movies, including Crane Beach from “the Witches of Eastwyck” or Castle Hill from the “Thomas Crown Affair”. Beverages or souvenirs will also be available for purchasing at the gift shop. Cruise tours will run on a daily basis starting from May until October.

Essex River Cruises & Charters
35 Dodge St. Essex
(800) 748 3706

Massachusetts River Cruise

River Cruises Of Northern Europe And Russia

Major cruise companies service Russia and Northern Europe cruises leaving from ports in Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

River Cruises Of Northern Europe And Russia

These featured cruises will provide travelers an opportunity of spending some time in Russia, while visiting the nearby ports of call in northern Europe as well.

Major cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines or Costa all provide cruise trips in northern Europe every year in the summer season of late May through August.

Royal Caribbean Vision

For cruises under 7 nights, the four-star Rated Vision of the Seas from RCCL will provide 4- and 5-day round-trip cruises from Stockholm, and 7-day round-trip cruises from Copenhagen. All cruises will include a port stop in St. Petersburg, and stops in northern Europe, including Finland or Estonia.

The cruise ship has been built in 1998 and then refurbished in 2003, having a capacity of 2.400 passengers. The vessel will feature classic amenities of this company, like the Viking Crown lounge, which will float above the cruise ship on Deck Eleven, or a glass covered pool known as the Solarium.

Royal Caribbean International
1050 Caribbean Way Miami
(305) 539 6000

Costa Luminosa

The 4.5-star rated cruise ship, Costa Luminosa, will provide 7-day round-trip cruises from Copenhagen, to several ports of Russia and Europe. The cruise ship will stop in Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Russia and will spend two entire days at sea as well. The vessel has been built in 2000 and has a traveler capacity of 2.600.

Travelers will enjoy three swimming pool, on board spa, 15 distinct bars or lounges, including the 2-story Dante`s Disco or Club Atlantica perched on the upper decks of the vessel, or a tennis/volleyball/basketball court.

Costa Cruise Line
200 South Park Road
(800) 462 6762

Norwegian Sun

For cruises which are longer than 7 nights, the four-star rated Norwegian Sun will provide a nine-night round-trip from Copenhagen. Several ports of call will include Estonia, Germany, and overnight stays in St. Petersburg, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

The vessel has been built in 2001 and refurbished in 2004, with a passenger capacity of more than 1.900. The Sun was the first “freestyle” vessel in this fleet, with 9 distinct restaurants and 10 bars or lounges which will include a cigar bar as well.

Norwegian Cruise Line
7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami
(305) 436 4000

Viking River Cruises in Russia

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