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Basic Descriptions For Three Cruise Tours Along The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is in the top three longest rivers of the globe and it travels through the center of China for more than 4.000 miles, from its origins in Qinghai Province to Shanghai, in the East China Sea.

Cruise Tours Along The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is famous by various other names, such as “Long River” and “Chang Jiang. Highlights of a cruise tour along this river will include views of the Three Gorges Dam or passage through the rocky Three Gorges.

Cruise tours on the Yangtze River will range from 4 to 9 days in length and are usually part of longer China excursions which will also include various visits to sites like the Terrracotta Warriors, imperial Beijing or the Great Wall.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld River Cruises provides various cruise tours to China which will include spending time along the Yangtze River. Uniworld, which provides river cruise tours across the globe as well, has been included on the read pool`s lists of top ten small cruise ship lines.

Travelers in the 19-day cruise tour will sail on the luxury ship Victoria Jenna, which can host over 370 passengers and includes 225-square-fot staterooms. As of 2010, prices have started from $2.700/person/double occupancy for the twelve-day Highlights of China along the Yangtze River cruise tour. This price will not include airfare.

Uniworld River Cruises
17323 Ventura Blvd. Encino
(800) 555 8333

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises is the largest river cruise company in the entire world with 18 ships and it provides a wide range of China excursions which will include time spent sailing on the Yangtze River.

The luxury vessels of Viking River Cruises, which carry from over 100 to 300 passengers provide 11- to 16-day routes which will include various highlights like the “City of Ghosts” or Fengdu, a concert of the old bronze bells in Wuhan or the Terracotta Warriors.

The Viking Century Sun, built exclusively for sailing along the Yangtze River, provides comfortable accommodations with public rooms and western-style cuisine. In 2009, the company received top honors from some major travel magazines. As of February 2010, costs started at $2.300/person/double occupancy for a twelve-day tour to Imperial Jewels of China (which will include 6 days along the Yangtze River).

This price is subject to be changed at any moment and will not include airfare. Cruise tours are usually from April through May, and from September through October.

Viking River Cruises
5700 Canoga Ave.
(800) 304 9616

Abercrombie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent provides a family cruise tour to China along the Yangtze River which has been considered by many travelers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These is a 14-day cruise tour and it is designed exclusively for families that have children, and are limited to only a little over 20 people per tour.

Additionally, the cruise tour will include stays in luxurious hotels in Guilin, Xian, Beijing or Shanghai. Families will be able to visit the Great Wall, learn calligraphy, visit a family living near the shores of the Yangtze River or attend a performance by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.

Starting with 2010, costs are from $7.800/person/double occupancy which will include special rates for kids, but will not include internal or international airfare.

Abercrombie & Kent
1411 Opus Place Executive Tower West
(800) 554 7016

Yangtze River Cruise

Valuable Details For Riverboat Cruises Down The Rhine River

The Rhine River will travel over 800 miles from Switzerland to Amsterdam, across many picturesque ancient castles or lush vineyards through the length of Germany. Although various cruise tours across most of the length of the river will typically span every week, there are also shorter cruise options available which will let you see the center of the Rhine River in less than one single day.


It might help to memorize the German names of various destinations cities as well as of different landmarks cities along the cruise. For instance, the Rhine River will be the “Rhein River” and Cologne will be “Koln”. Major points of departure will include Mainz, Frankfurt, Koblenz or Koln.


Most cruise vessels will include a catered lunch and will have at least one restaurant on board the ship. Koln-Dusseldorfer even owns a vessel with a Subway sandwich shop. Cruise tours through the Rhine Valley will normally include wine tasting at a stop at a vineyard and a brief shopping excursion. some cruise companies, like ETS, will offer complimentary transportation to/from the hotel.


Riverboat Cruises Down The Rhine River

Most cruise tours during the day along the Rhine River are only in a single way, so you will most likely need to make some arrangements for any alternative transportation back to your point of departure. There are some river cruise companies which will provide various discounts to riders who manage to board with their own bicycles so they can bike back.

The time it will take to travel a certain distance along the Rhine River will very much depend on the itinerary you are headed in. Traveling north is generally a lot faster than traveling south. For instance, it may take about 4 hours to cruise from Mainz to Koblenz, and around 5-1/2 hours to cruise in the opposite direction.


The Rhine River will stretch from Switzerland near the French-German border and then to Amsterdam. Cruise tours which last for an entire day along the Rhine River which will be available in either one of these countries. The Rhine will connect with other two European rivers, the Main and the Danube, in Germany, making a lot easier to access from other water itineraries.

Tour Options

Traveling the Upper Middle Rhine River area from Germany in one single day on the Roessler or Koln-Dusseldorfer Line is also possible. This specific area has been named a World Heritage site in most of its part for the way it honors its rich culture and history by simply restoring various points of interest, like cafes, castles or tasteful inns.

ETS will offer 1-day cruises along the Rhine Valley which will include lunch or wine tasting. Some of the cruise tours are timed to correspond with various fireworks events in Koblenz or Cologne.

River Cruising with AMAWATERWAYS on the Rhine River

Basic Description For Two Basic Cruises From Guyana

According to National Geographic, with more than 80% of its own area covered with beautiful tropical rainforest, Guyana is a point of destination which is best suited to adventurous travelers who have a real interest in wildlife and nature.

Cruises From Guyana

Guyana`s guided cruise tours make it very easy to navigate all that wilderness and try to find the wonderful natural life of Kaieteur Falls, which is considered the highest single-drop waterfall on the globe.

Such cruise tours will vary in style, with some providing hotel accommodations and comfortable lodge while others a mixture of camping and hotels. Various interesting activities will also vary from easy nature walks to strenuous hikes, relaxing ship tours and scenic walks.

Rainforest Tours – Kaieteur Overland

Rainforest Tours will present 5-day hiking and sightseeing tours along the rivers of Guyana, gorges, waterfalls or rainforest. You will first be traveling by road through the Konawaruk Mountains, on board a ship up the Potaro River and then by foot, walking and hiking along various steep trails all the way to the tops of Kaieteur Falls and Waratuk Falls.

Nights on this tour will be spent camping out in guest houses or hammocks. Various interesting highlights will include taking in the two-thousand-foot mountains which will line the Kaieteur Gorge, crossing mountain streams and nesting sites of hundreds of golden frogs and swifts which will make their home here.

Rainforest Tours will provide 1-day tours in Guyana, with various options which will include flights to Orinduik Falls or Kaieteur Falls, a ship tour up the Essequibo River to an ancient Dutch fort and the frontier small town of Bartica, a tour of Santa Mission, and a city tour of Georgetown.

Geographic Expeditions – Lost Tribes & Newfound Species

Geographic Expeditions` ten-day cruise tour through Guyana will start and also end in Georgetown, and will take you to various landmarks such as Stanley Lake, a butterfly farm in Fair View village or Kaieteur Falls.

The tour will also include a tour during the night at Karanambu Ranch, which will double as the home of giant river otters, ship tours along the Burro and Rupununi rivers, and a visit to the Amerindian community from Aranaputa village. Another other interesting highlights is also taking a look at the wildlife from a canopy walkway through the jungle in the Iwokrama Forest.

If the weather conditions will permit it, the trip will also include a tour into Brazil by passing the bridge at Lethem, closely located to Manaus. An optional 4-day extended tour to Suriname can be available as well.

Kaieteur Falls; Photos around Georgetown, Guyana

Basic Information For Various Holland River Cruises

Although is not a large country, having just a little over 16.000 square miles, Holland manage to boast 3.130 miles of waterways as well as the largest port in the entire world, Rotterdam. This complex network of waterways will make a river cruise tour very convenient as well as a comfortable way for anyone who wants to see the sights of what Holland has to offer – whimsical windmills, entire fields of blooming poppies or beautiful cities such as Haarlem, Maastricht or Amsterdam.

Tulips & Windmills – Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises, which is considered one of the best cruise lines for families in terms of river cruising, will provide a Tulips & Windmills ten-day cruise tour which will include 2 ports of call in Belgium and 8 ports of call in Holland. This cruise tour will start as well as end in Amsterdam, where you will be able to explore a canal boat trip or a cosmopolitan city on your own. The next destination in Hoorn, an old village very popular for its cheeses.

Various Holland River Cruises

Spend the day after in Arnhem, where you will be able to visit the seventeenth-century summer residence of a Dutch royal family, as well as Nihmegen, an ancient city. You will also reach the community of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed, where you can see its working windmills on the 5th day of the cruise tour; you will be then continuing to Antewerp, a Flemish capital. The 7th day will be dedicated to Ghent and Brugge, two Belgian cities. The final day of this cruise tour will feature Middleburg, a tour of Rotterdam as well as a tour of the Delta Works. On your way back to Amsterdam you will be stopping at Keykenhof Gardens, one of the largest floral parks in the entire world.

Viking River Cruises
(800) 304 9616

Tulip Time Cruise – Avalon Waterways

The Tulip Time Cruise is a 8-day round-trip cruise tour from Amsterdam provided by Avalon Waterways. After embarking on the river cruise in the evening, you will be spending a second day touring in Dordrecht and Arnhem with a quick trip included where you will be seeing the windmills of Kinderdijk. In the next port of call, Antwerp, you will be visiting various historic landmarks like the old city hall building and the Church of Our Lady, or you will be taking an optional trip to Brussels. You will be spending the 4th day in Ghent or you will be taking an optional excursion to Bruges. The day after will include various tours of Veere, the Delta Works project or Middleburg, then you will be continuing to Rotterdam where you will be enjoying a visit to Keukenhof Gardens. The final day will include a canal boat trip of Amsterdam and various excursions to the picturesque harbor of Volendam as well as the popular cheese-making town of Edam.

Avalon Waterways
5301 South Federal Circle Littleton
(877) 797 8791

Holland & Belgium in Spring – Tauck World Discovery

The Holland & Belgium in Spring ten-day cruise tour will showcase the windmills, the colorful countryside and the sights of various major cities. Various destinations will include Amsterdam, where the actual cruise will begin, Valkhof, Antwerp as well as Brussels, which is the final port. This is a great cruise for kids as several highlights of the cruise tour will include tasting Dutch cheeses or Belgian chocolates; tour of a reconstructed nineteenth-century fishing village in Enkhuizen; admiring thousands of blooms in Keukenhof; or exploring over 1.400 historic, cultural buildings and monuments in the Old Town of Maastricht. Another important highlight is the culinary experience which is interactive at Chateau Neercanne, and which is followed by a gourmet lunch within a castle in a Roman grotto on the 7th day.

Tauck World Discovery
20 Norden Place Norwalk
(800) 788 7885

Escorted Tours: 2011 European River Cruising

Important Basics About Amazon River Cruise Tours

About Amazon River Cruises

The Amazon River is the second-longest river from across the globe.

Amazon River Cruise Tours

This river is 4.000 miles long and is flowing across Brazil into Peru, as well as Bolivia and Ecuador.

If you take such a cruise, you will be able to enjoy the most diverse ecosystem from the entire world featuring tropical rain forests which host thousands of plants or animals, many of them really unique.

Amazon River cruises will always offer great learning experiences while you are practically ensconced in comfort on a cruise ship. What Can You Do on an Amazon River Cruise:

1. Rain Forest Excursions

One of the greatest ways to get really close to the wonders which the Amazon River has to offer is actually to sign up for an excursion through the rain forest. Many trees along the Amazon River can reach up to 200 feet and are practically covering the forest in darkness.

Also, here you will be able to see many species of animals such as monkeys, snakes, macaws, deer, jaguars, butterflies or crocodiles.

2. Canopy Walkway

Most of the rain forests along the Amazon River have an extraordinary ecosystem and their canopies are inhabited by various species of animals. For instance, in Peru you would be able to visit the Canopy Walkway, where walkways and hanging bridges will meander through the canopy up to 120 feet in the air.

The Canopy Walkway will usually let people interact pretty closely with the wildlife of the canopy like macaws, monkeys or harpy eagles.

3. Piranha Fishing

Piranhas are well known for their razor-sharp teeth, very popular for their aggressive nature. What you probably do not know is that they are also very good to eat.

While is rather dangerous from them to be caught, it is quite fun as well. Signing up for such a fishing trip is the ultimate adventure on an Amazon River cruise.

Accommodation and Meals on an Amazon River Cruise

Like most of the cruises out there, the cabins on the Amazon River boats are normally double occupancy and include private toilets in each and every room. Usually, the room of these river boats will range from simple rooms to luxurious ones, and of course, the prices will vary a lot according to what they have to offer.

The river boats will also feature an area designed for observation and one for dining.

The meals are usually provided throughout the whole cruise and, as you might have guessed already, will generally emphasize fish, some of which will actually be caught on the actual cruise.

What to Wear on an Amazon River Cruise

On this type of cruise, the climate will usually be warm and steamy, but during the nights it can become a little colder. You will most certainly need a pair of long pants and shirts with sleeves so you can be protected if you should visit the jungle along the Amazon River.

While you are on the boat, wearing shorts, T-shirts or a light jacket will be quite fine; bathing suits are also a good idea to bring.

Scenes from an Amazon River Voyage

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