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Basics Descriptions about Various Viking River Cruise Tours

Viking river cruises - exploring the world

Viking River Cruises will provide a few opportunities for exploring the exotic locations of China. Most tours of this cruise line will begin from Beijing. After an air-flight to Xi`an for seeing the well known Terra Cotta Warriors, the tours will stop in Chongqing for a six-to-11 day cruise on the Yangtze River. The tours will end in Shanghai, the financial capital as well as the largest China`s city. The cruise route can be reversed as well.

Imperial Jewels of China

This 12-day Viking River cruise will begin with three days in Beijing, where guests may visit the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs at Chanping and the Great Wall. Then it is on to an overnight stop in Xi`an to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors. An entire afternoon flight to Chongqing will precede a six-day tour down the most well known river from China, the Yangtze River. During this cruise tour, the cruise ship will go through the Three Gorges, where the largest dam of the world is being built. There will be another stop to tour the dam, and then a tour by smaller boat through the Lesser Three Gorges. There are a few stops at two small towns. The cruise will end in Wuhan, where travelers will fly to Shanghai for another quick tour before the return home.

Imperial Jewels of China
5700 Canoga Avenue
800 304 9616

Yangtze Explorer

This cruise tour will start and also end in Shanghai, a city popular for its Bund Promenade on the Huangpu River. From Shanghai, guests will fly to Changqing to start their tours on the Yangtze River. The cruise tour will stop at Snow Jade Cave and Fengdu. The tour will go to Nanjing as well as the canal town of Suzhou, which is well known for its silk fabrics.

Yangtze Explorer
5700 Canoga Avenue
800 304 9616

China`s Cultural Delights

This cruise tour will be centered around an 11-day cruise tour on the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Nanjing. There will be more stops available than the Yangtze Explorer tour. The various stops will include China`s second-largest freshwater lake; Jingdezhen, China`s porcelain capital, where pottery was made for almost 1.800 years; and the Dongting Lake. The cruise tour will visit Beijing, Shanghai as well as Xi`an.

China`s Cultural Delights
5700 Canoga Avenue
800 304 9616

Viking River Cruises in Europe

What You Can Experience If You Choose A River Cruise In China

China is considered by many a mysterious country with an ancient culture and pretty rich history. The diverse natural wonders of the country will range from the broad Yangtze River to the snowy Hymalayan Mountains.

Chinese river cruises are normally multifaceted tours, combining several days off the ship for exploring many sights in various cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai with 3-to-6 days sailing across the Yangtze River.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises will provide three cruises along the Yangtze River between Shanghai and Beijing. The twelve-day Imperial Jewels of China cruise will offer the chance of exploring Three Gorges, the Great Wall, Shanghai or the Forbidden City.

Various River Cruise In China

The sixteen-day Roof of the World cruise tour will include normal Chinese attractions as well as a side-excursion to Lhasa.

China`s Cultural Delights is a seventeen-day cruise which will explore many facets of the culture of China, including Beijing, Dongting Lake, Xian or Shanghai.

China Highlights

China Highlights will provide 7- and 11-day cruise tours through the cradle of China along the Yangtze. Shanghai Sights and Yangtze Combo will allow tourists to experience a glimpse of Shanghai, and many other cultural and historic treasures on this river. Guilin Sights & Yangtze Combo will include passage through the Wu and Qutang Gorges along the Yangtze as well as a Li River Cruise Guilin.

The eleven-day Three Gorges with Classic China Tour will include some quality time in Hong Kong, Three Gorges Dam as well as a trip to Fengdu Ghost City.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld River Cruises will provide a wide selection of cruise tours on Yangtze River. Classic China is an 8-day cruise starting from Beijing to Shanghai, with various chances of exploring the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Terra-Cotta Warriors or Summer Palace. Other various cruises will include Reed Flute Cave, Wanzhou, Lesser Gorges, a farm in Guilin, as well as extensions to Hong Kong or Tibet.

Pacific Delight Tours

Pacific Delight Tours will provide tourists with a wide variety of trips, which will include 3- to 6-days cruise tours along the Yangtze. These cruises of imperial China will include a few days of exploring various sights in Xian, Chongqing, Beijing, Guilin or Shanghai.

Cruises along the Yangtze River on boats with luxurious accommodations will include cruising through many gorges lined beautiful cliffs, stops at Wuhan or Nanjing, and sailings on small ships up the Daning River.

Tauck River Cruising

Tauck provides sixteen- to seventeen-day tours to China which will include cruises on the Yangtze. The sixteen-day tours will run eastbound, whine the seventeen-day excursion will run westbound. Both excursions will include quality time for experiencing a small glimpse of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Cruises along the Yangtze River on both excursions on board the spacious Yangzi Explorer will include Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges Dam or Li River cruises. Other various opportunities may be provided to see pavilions, ancient roads or pagodas atop terraced fields at the edge of the Yangtze River.

Viking River Cruises in China

Brief Description About Cruises On The Willamette River

Cruise tours along the Willamette River will provide travelers to Oregon a relaxing way to take in the lush countryside of this state.

Cruises On The Willamette River

The Willamette is a tributary of the Columbia River, 180-mile-long, which will flow throughout the north-western side of the state, Portland city as well. It is considered to be one of the Ten American Herigate Rivers, as it joins other important American rivers like the Hudson, Potomac, Lower Mississippi or Rio Grande rivers.

Sternwheeler Excursions

Sternwheeler Excursions provides a wide variety of cruise tours along the Willamette River from Salem on board the Willamette Queen, a replica of the nineteenth century boats which plied this river.

The Sternwheeler will feature a full bar and a solid oak dance floor which is being located on the upper deck. This boat can carry around 90 guests, and the passengers will be able to select afternoon sightseeing cruise tours, hour-long lunch tours or two-hour dinner tours, as well as Sunday brunch cruise tours.

Meals will be served in buffet-style and are pretty elaborate, mostly the brunches, with a selection of egg dishes or pastries. Guests may catch a little of a glimpse of fly fishermen which will try to catch big salmons.

Cruise tours are being provided from Tuesdays through Saturdays, all year long, except for the brunch tours, which are being offered on Sundays only. On various occasions, private parties may be available as well.

Sternwheeler Excursions
P.O. Box 5896 Salem
(503) 371 1103

Sternwheeler Rose

The Sternwheeler Rose, a replica of the nineteenth century riverboats, sail up the Willamette River from Jon Storm Dock each and every weekend. Brunch cruise tours will take place every Saturday, while dinner cruise tours will be available on Sundays.

The cruise tour will venture up the Willamette River to Willamette Falls, and then will head to the north, where the Clackamas River will join Meldrom Bar. Guests will often be able to see bald eagles, river otters or osprey.

Sternwheeler Rose
Jon Storm Dock 1801
Clackamette Drive Oregon City
(503) 388 0343

Portland Spirit

Portland Spirit will provide a selection of cruise tours on the Willamette River from Portland city on various yachts and jet-boats. Two-hour lunch or brunch cruises or two-and-a-half-hour dinner cruise tours are being provided all year long; travelers may skip meals if they should choose so and sign up for classic sightseeing cruise tours at discounted rates.

Also, there is available the Willamette Falls cruise tour, a three-and-a-half-hour cruise tour to the largest waterfall from north-west. The cruise tour will venture to Oregon City, on a portion of the Willamette River where once, the Native Americans came to fish for salmon.

Portland Spirit
110 SE Caruthers St. Portland
(503) 224 3900

Willamette River Boat Tour – Portland

Short Descriptions Of Various River Cruises In West Bengal, India

The Ganges River is the principal waterway of West Bengal and it is also considered the vital itinerary for the villages along the banks as well as the spiritual center for Hindus. A river cruise tour is considered a relaxing way to enjoy the countryside of West Bengal and also viewing the ancient temples or the archaeological sights which are being located near the Ganges as well as most of its tributaries.

River Ganges Cruise Vacations

Bengal Ganga will provide a wide variety of cruise tour routes on the Ganges River, ranging from 4 to over 15 days in length. Excursions will be available from November through March and will leave from Kolkata.

River Cruises In West Bengal, India

The itinerary will take in cities, villages like Varasi or Murshidabad as well as many heritage sites, which will include monasteries, palaces or temples.

Trips or city sightseeing cruise tours will also be included in the price. The deluxe rooms will include comfortable seating areas as well as air conditioned, and are being located on the upper deck.

Local wines, soft drinks or beer will be provided in the saloon bar, and coffee or tea will be available during the day. The dining room will serve you a buffet breakfast as well as lunch, with both European and Indian dishes.

River Hooghli Cruise Vacations

The Hooghli River is a tributary of The Ganges River, and Assam Bengal Navigation will operate cruise tours on this river all year long. The 7-day Historic Hughli cruise tour may be taken downstream/upstream, from Farakka to Kolgata and back.

You will be able to make the return tour by rail or simply take a 2-week, round-tour cruise. Trips may include a sightseeing cruise tour of Kolkata as well as various visits to the the medieval city of Gaur, Plassy battlefield as well as terracotta temples of Bengal.

The vessels will provide 10 twin and 2 double cabins with air conditioned as well as a private shower bath. The middle deck will contain a bar, dining room and a saloon. The restaurant will serve a blend of European or Assamese cuisine.

Sunderbans Cruises

Sunderbans National Park is considered one of the largest mangrove eco-systems in the world as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its waterways, mangrove forests and creeks are hosting crocodiles, deer, a wide variety of bird species as well as rare Bengal tigers.

Vivada Cruises will provide 4-day cruise tours of the park on bard a luxury cruiser. Various forest walk will be provided, where you can visit the deer rehabilitation center as well as tiger tower, and you will also be able to explore a traditional Sunderbans village.

During the evening, you may enjoy films about the history of West Bengal. The MV Paramhamsa ship will provide 32 air conditioned rooms, library, art gallery, a gym, conference room as well as a Ayurvedic treatment room.

Boat Cruise, Brahmaputra river, Sunderbans, West Bengal

Basics You Need To Know About The Concept Of River Cruising

The riverbank sites or the convenience of a river cruise make this type of traveling one of the best options for those who want to see many cities in a single route without having to switch from one hotel to another each and every night.

The Concept Of River Cruising

Another great type of cruising which is gaining ground on cruising on the ocean is river cruises. This sort of cruising, often on board long, flat ships which can usually go under bridges, are taking guests to some of the most interesting spots in the world.

For the historical Rhine or Danube rivers to the exotic Amazon or Nile rivers, cruisers are viewings life lived on the shores of these rivers while moving on a relaxing pace along the waters.

River Cruise Ships

Flat boats and sleek barges have sailed the water of the European rivers for many years, normally with basic amenities and a very casual atmosphere. Now cruise companies, like AMA Waterways or Viking River Cruises, are launching ships with the kind of activities or accommodations which can be found on those ocean liners as well.

Space will still be a priority, but lounge or dining public areas have become a lot more attractive. Because of the lower number of passengers, usually ranging from 70 to over 250 guests, many of these small ships will choose to cruise along rivers from all continents.

River Cruise Routes

River cruise routes are just as exciting as ocean cruise routes, pretty often because the smaller ships can go through small bodies of water which those ocean liners can not. You will be able to visit small ports as well as more than one country within a very short time on board a river cruise, especially if we are talking about Europe.

Famous river cruise routes will include the Nile River, showcasing the antiquities of Egypt; Danube River Christmas market cruises from the winter season; cruises along the Snake or Northwest`s Columbia rivers; the rivers of Holland, especially during tulip season; and exotic Amazon River cruises in South America.

River Cruise Culture

Exact like ocean cruise companies, each river cruise company has its very own culture or ambiance. In many cases, river cruises will focus more on various interesting destinations and a lot less on the boat as the destination. The narrations about the visited ports of call or about the attractions encountered along the way are pretty often an important part of the program.

Instead of purchasing individual excursions, passengers on river cruises will be taken out on small group tours which are included the cruise price. Because of the slower pace of river cruises, passengers will be even be able to borrow bicycles from the ship so they can ride them alongside the vessel as it will wind its way through the countryside.

There are many river cruisers out there that will enjoy the outdoors, so casual attire will often be the norm, during the day as well as during the evening. There are also some upscale river cruise companies, though, like Tauck, so doing your homework prior your booking process may be a good idea. Live entertainment along river cruises will often consist of a local performer or craftsman which will come on board for the performance during the evening, or a chef who demonstrates regional cuisine.

River Cruise Fares

In terms of prices, river cruises usually will not match the $67 to $80/person/day which those ocean liners can find at some moments. However, shore excursions – one of the much more expensive services on a ocean liner – are normally included, and you will have access to your very own private guide as well.

Many companies provide complimentary wine included in the dinner, and it is worth it to pay a little more so you can avoid crowds or to be able to get closer to a town which only a river cruise boat may access.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection: A New Way to See the Old World

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