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Important Basics About Amazon River Cruise Tours

About Amazon River Cruises

The Amazon River is the second-longest river from across the globe.

Amazon River Cruise Tours

This river is 4.000 miles long and is flowing across Brazil into Peru, as well as Bolivia and Ecuador.

If you take such a cruise, you will be able to enjoy the most diverse ecosystem from the entire world featuring tropical rain forests which host thousands of plants or animals, many of them really unique.

Amazon River cruises will always offer great learning experiences while you are practically ensconced in comfort on a cruise ship. What Can You Do on an Amazon River Cruise:

1. Rain Forest Excursions

One of the greatest ways to get really close to the wonders which the Amazon River has to offer is actually to sign up for an excursion through the rain forest. Many trees along theĀ Amazon River can reach up to 200 feet and are practically covering the forest in darkness.

Also, here you will be able to see many species of animals such as monkeys, snakes, macaws, deer, jaguars, butterflies or crocodiles.

2. Canopy Walkway

Most of the rain forests along the Amazon River have an extraordinary ecosystem and their canopies are inhabited by various species of animals. For instance, in Peru you would be able to visit the Canopy Walkway, where walkways and hanging bridges will meander through the canopy up to 120 feet in the air.

The Canopy Walkway will usually let people interact pretty closely with the wildlife of the canopy like macaws, monkeys or harpy eagles.

3. Piranha Fishing

Piranhas are well known for their razor-sharp teeth, very popular for their aggressive nature. What you probably do not know is that they are also very good to eat.

While is rather dangerous from them to be caught, it is quite fun as well. Signing up for such a fishing trip is the ultimate adventure on an Amazon River cruise.

Accommodation and Meals on an Amazon River Cruise

Like most of the cruises out there, the cabins on the Amazon River boats are normally double occupancy and include private toilets in each and every room. Usually, the room of these river boats will range from simple rooms to luxurious ones, and of course, the prices will vary a lot according to what they have to offer.

The river boats will also feature an area designed for observation and one for dining.

The meals are usually provided throughout the whole cruise and, as you might have guessed already, will generally emphasize fish, some of which will actually be caught on the actual cruise.

What to Wear on an Amazon River Cruise

On this type of cruise, the climate will usually be warm and steamy, but during the nights it can become a little colder. You will most certainly need a pair of long pants and shirts with sleeves so you can be protected if you should visit the jungle along the Amazon River.

While you are on the boat, wearing shorts, T-shirts or a light jacket will be quite fine; bathing suits are also a good idea to bring.

Scenes from an Amazon River Voyage

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