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Hudson River Cruises Available From New York

Hudson River cruises in New York will offer a beautiful overview of this river which runs from Kingston to Westpark, or from Albany to Castleton. This river will flow the entire New York state`s length, with the exception of the last 20 miles, which will consist the boundary of the state between New Jersey and New York. The widest point of the Hudson River is 3 miles at Haverstraw Bay, which is positioned between Westchester and Rockland counties.

Hudson River Cruises

The Rip Van Winkle is a 120-foot long boat which will provide extraordinary views along the Hudson River. You will be passing lighthouses like the Rondout Lighthouse or the Esopus Meadows Lighthouse on a cruise tour that will last for about two hours. Various opulent waterfront mansions will include Wyndcliff Mansion which has been built for Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones.

Hudson River Cruises from NY

Another mansion that you will be able to see along the way will be the Dinsmore which has also been built in 1936 for the Hulls. The French chateau-style Payne mansion that has been built in 1910, was the home to Col. Oliver Hazard Payne who was involved in the founding of U.S. Street. This is known in our days as Marist Mid Hudson Valley Camp. For those interested in fall foliage cruises, the Rip Van Winkle will also be available which has the capacity of carrying up to 300 guests. According to the official website of the company, starting from 2010, cruises will start on May 8 and will operate until late October.

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Dutch Apple Cruises Inc.

The Dutch Apple II is a 65-foot boat which has been designed for earlier day cruising. the riverboat will take guests from various ports between New York and Albany along the Hudson River on a 2-hour sightseeing cruise. Narrated cruise tours will be offered from Albany to Castleton a few times per week.

Another round-trip cruise tour will be provided from Albany to the Troy Lock. Cruises for special occasions will include Father`s Day and Mother`s Day, as well as a July Fourth dinner cruise. Food cruises will include Sunday brunch and dinner with a cash bar and entertainment (alcoholic and soda beverages will also be included). There will be some private charters available for group cruising as well.

Dutch Apple Cruises Inc.
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New York City River Cruise

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