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Several Points Of Interest To Visit While Cruising On The Rhine River

Sailing on the Rhine River on board one of those riverboats will allow you to see plenty of great attractions. But to do this, you first have to know what attractions are available along a Rhine River cruise. Below you will see some short descriptions for three attractions that you can visit on board an European cruise along the Rhine River.

1. Rheinfels Castle

The sprawling ruins of Burg Rheinfels lord over the riverside promenade of St. Goar. This Rhine River attraction was once one of the mightiest fortress on the Rhine River and is a must-see if you are in the nearby area. The construction was built in 1245 by the counts of Katzenelnbogen and it was supposed to be a base for their operations of toll-collecting.

Cruising On The Rhine River

The castle has been involved in a withstood attack coming from the 28.000 French troops of Louis XIV in 1682, as well as in many other battles. In the end, Napoleon was the one who destroyed the castle in 1797 with the “help” of his French Revolutionary army.

The labyrinthine layout of the castle is practically extraordinary and its size has an imposing allure. Its subterranean tunnels, its mine galleries or its gigantic vault cellar no longer attracts only children, but adult travelers as well. The only complete room of the castle has been turned into a museum.

2. Loreley Rock

The story says that near the St. Goarshausen town, in the romantic Rhine Valley there was a siren which has been named Loreley by the locals and who has been said that bewitch sailors from her granite rock, thus causing them to lose control of their ships and eventually sink.

This pretty massive granite outcrop which rises to almost 450 feet in the air above the Rhine River is pretty dangerous; the narrowest part of the Rhine River between the North Sea and Switzerland is pretty much surrounded by rapids or reefs that can be a threat to ships. In our days a safe channel has been marked by buoys and no one from the locals will admit of hearing Loreley singing. In translation, Loreley means “the murmuring rock”.

This area is that much important for its wine-making. Starting with 1395, the Counts of Katzenelnbogen have had many vineyards in these areas and it is been said that they was the ones who invented Riesling as well.

3. Stolzenfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)

Schloss Stolzenfels manage to exude the sentimental beauty for which the Rhine River has become famous as it offers to its guests omate gables, fantastic fortifications that are a few centuries old and crenellated turrets. The castle has been built in the XIII century and was intended to impose the illegal river tolls as it had all the features necessary for such a thing: an impressive getaway, a drawbridge, a chapel and a keep.

A Prussian king has managed to rebuild it in 1823 and has turned it in to his residency. In our days, the rooms have remained pretty much as the king left them. There is an extraordinary exhibit of weaponry and armor.

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