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Brief Description About Cruises On The Willamette River

Cruise tours along the Willamette River will provide travelers to Oregon a relaxing way to take in the lush countryside of this state.

Cruises On The Willamette River

The Willamette is a tributary of the Columbia River, 180-mile-long, which will flow throughout the north-western side of the state, Portland city as well. It is considered to be one of the Ten American Herigate Rivers, as it joins other important American rivers like the Hudson, Potomac, Lower Mississippi or Rio Grande rivers.

Sternwheeler Excursions

Sternwheeler Excursions provides a wide variety of cruise tours along the Willamette River from Salem on board the Willamette Queen, a replica of the nineteenth century boats which plied this river.

The Sternwheeler will feature a full bar and a solid oak dance floor which is being located on the upper deck. This boat can carry around 90 guests, and the passengers will be able to select afternoon sightseeing cruise tours, hour-long lunch tours or two-hour dinner tours, as well as Sunday brunch cruise tours.

Meals will be served in buffet-style and are pretty elaborate, mostly the brunches, with a selection of egg dishes or pastries. Guests may catch a little of a glimpse of fly fishermen which will try to catch big salmons.

Cruise tours are being provided from Tuesdays through Saturdays, all year long, except for the brunch tours, which are being offered on Sundays only. On various occasions, private parties may be available as well.

Sternwheeler Excursions
P.O. Box 5896 Salem
(503) 371 1103

Sternwheeler Rose

The Sternwheeler Rose, a replica of the nineteenth century riverboats, sail up the Willamette River from Jon Storm Dock each and every weekend. Brunch cruise tours will take place every Saturday, while dinner cruise tours will be available on Sundays.

The cruise tour will venture up the Willamette River to Willamette Falls, and then will head to the north, where the Clackamas River will join Meldrom Bar. Guests will often be able to see bald eagles, river otters or osprey.

Sternwheeler Rose
Jon Storm Dock 1801
Clackamette Drive Oregon City
(503) 388 0343

Portland Spirit

Portland Spirit will provide a selection of cruise tours on the Willamette River from Portland city on various yachts and jet-boats. Two-hour lunch or brunch cruises or two-and-a-half-hour dinner cruise tours are being provided all year long; travelers may skip meals if they should choose so and sign up for classic sightseeing cruise tours at discounted rates.

Also, there is available the Willamette Falls cruise tour, a three-and-a-half-hour cruise tour to the largest waterfall from north-west. The cruise tour will venture to Oregon City, on a portion of the Willamette River where once, the Native Americans came to fish for salmon.

Portland Spirit
110 SE Caruthers St. Portland
(503) 224 3900

Willamette River Boat Tour – Portland

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