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Basics About Several Cruises Along The Orinoco River

Cruise tours along the Orinoco River from Venezuela are usually part of a cruise package which will combine several boat excursions along the river as well as its waterways with accommodations at a riverside lodge.

Cruises along the Orinoco River

Most cruises are located in the Orinoco Delta region, where the Orinoco river will meet the Atlantic Ocean and will form a large wetland where freshwater and saltwater species will mingle.

They generally tend to include some boat or canoe excursions with some jungle-based trips.

Angel-Eco Tours – Orinoco Delta River Cruise Tour Adventure

The Orinoco River Cruise Tour Adventure is presented by Angel-Eco Tours (which in the past also provided Oklahoma River cruise tours) and is practically a 2-day trip with its main focus on nature photography and bird watching. The tour will start with a ride on a water taxi to a lodge, during which you will also view pink dolphins, turtles or giant river otters.

After your arrival at the lodge, you will sail along the Orinoco Delta at a relaxation pace in a canoe, where you will be able to see macaws, toucans or howler monkeys in the jungle canopy, as well as dolphins, crocodiles or manatees in other tributaries of the Orinoco River. You will also be able to sail the river at dawn and dusk and also have the opportunity to fish for piranhas.

The tour will include some opportunities in visiting local villages or meet members of the Warao community as well. Swimming in the Orinoco River is also permitted but only optional. Accommodations during the night will be offered in the comfortable lodge, private cabins made of wood, as well as all meals will be included.

Orinoco tours – Orinoco Delta Tour

This river cruise tour is presented by Orinoco Delta Tour and is available only for 3 or 4 days. Both versions of this cruise tour will star with a boat excursion from Tucupita to the Orinoco Delta Lodge.

You will be eating lunch and set out your afternoon activities, which may include swimming or fishing for piranhas. Then, you will be able to take a sunset cruise tour while you will be seeing dolphins.

The second day will be dedicated to cruising along the Orinoco River, exploring various tributaries of the delta, disembarking for a jungle hike as well as spotting monkeys or parrots. You will enjoy a lunch at a Warao camp as well. The route will allow you time for individual activities before you will be returning to Tucupita.

Amazon Adventures – Adventure Amazonas

The Amazon Adventures cruise tour along the Orinoco River will last for 4 days and will differ from other types of river cruises, such as Amsterdam River cruises. The cruise will be conducted within the Venezuelan Amazon. rather than the Orinoco Delta.

The base for this adventure tour will be the Orinoquia Lodge, which is located on 5 acres between 2 sets of rapid along the river. For here, you will be taking various full- or half-day excursions by ship or by foot to various destinations which will include a handcraft market, a 260-foot water slide, a Curripaco Indian village and Isla Guajibo. One option for more adventurous tourists will be a rafting tip on Atures Rapids.

Orinocco River Cruise

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