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Basic Description For Two Basic Cruises From Guyana

According to National Geographic, with more than 80% of its own area covered with beautiful tropical rainforest, Guyana is a point of destination which is best suited to adventurous travelers who have a real interest in wildlife and nature.

Cruises From Guyana

Guyana`s guided cruise tours make it very easy to navigate all that wilderness and try to find the wonderful natural life of Kaieteur Falls, which is considered the highest single-drop waterfall on the globe.

Such cruise tours will vary in style, with some providing hotel accommodations and comfortable lodge while others a mixture of camping and hotels. Various interesting activities will also vary from easy nature walks to strenuous hikes, relaxing ship tours and scenic walks.

Rainforest Tours – Kaieteur Overland

Rainforest Tours will present 5-day hiking and sightseeing tours along the rivers of Guyana, gorges, waterfalls or rainforest. You will first be traveling by road through the Konawaruk Mountains, on board a ship up the Potaro River and then by foot, walking and hiking along various steep trails all the way to the tops of Kaieteur Falls and Waratuk Falls.

Nights on this tour will be spent camping out in guest houses or hammocks. Various interesting highlights will include taking in the two-thousand-foot mountains which will line the Kaieteur Gorge, crossing mountain streams and nesting sites of hundreds of golden frogs and swifts which will make their home here.

Rainforest Tours will provide 1-day tours in Guyana, with various options which will include flights to Orinduik Falls or Kaieteur Falls, a ship tour up the Essequibo River to an ancient Dutch fort and the frontier small town of Bartica, a tour of Santa Mission, and a city tour of Georgetown.

Geographic Expeditions – Lost Tribes & Newfound Species

Geographic Expeditions` ten-day cruise tour through Guyana will start and also end in Georgetown, and will take you to various landmarks such as Stanley Lake, a butterfly farm in Fair View village or Kaieteur Falls.

The tour will also include a tour during the night at Karanambu Ranch, which will double as the home of giant river otters, ship tours along the Burro and Rupununi rivers, and a visit to the Amerindian community from Aranaputa village. Another other interesting highlights is also taking a look at the wildlife from a canopy walkway through the jungle in the Iwokrama Forest.

If the weather conditions will permit it, the trip will also include a tour into Brazil by passing the bridge at Lethem, closely located to Manaus. An optional 4-day extended tour to Suriname can be available as well.

Kaieteur Falls; Photos around Georgetown, Guyana

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