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Essential Things You Must Know About Cruises In The Baltic Sea

Cruises through the Baltic Sea will provide travelers an off-the-beaten-path trip which will combine historical richness with geographic beauty.

Cruises In The Baltic Sea

Luxury and standard commercial liners alike will provide cruises through this part of the world in Northern Europe close to the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The sea will start in the crook where Finland meets Sweden and will flow past Poland, ending roughly where Norway meets Sweden.


The Baltic Sea will flow out from the Atlantic Ocean and will lap at the edge of theĀ northern European countries Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark and Latvia. Cruise stops may include Helsinki, St. Petersburg and London.

Cruises will last from seven days to over twenty four days on board Holland America cruise ships which will depart from London and juts in and out of the Baltic Sea`s craggy curves. Other cruise options may include twelve- and fourteen-day which hit eight or even nine ports of call.

Cruise Companies

Cruise companies which journey through the Baltic Sea will include Windstar Cruises, well known for their “Travel & Leisure” best small cruise ships, as well as by “Porthole Cruise Magazine” for providing the most romantic cruise trips. Cunard Cruises, another luxury cruise company, operates in the area as well.

The company provides on board enrichment, interesting activities like astronomy lectures or book clubs. Larger, more commercial cruise companies like Holland America, Princess Cruises or Celebrity will cruise the Baltic Sea as well.

Things to Know

Cruise ships will explore the Baltic Sea from early May through late September, when the temperatures are warm. The summer season mark the peak tourist season of the area when here things can become a little crowded.

Tourists wanting to avoid such crowds should take into consideration traveling to the Baltic Sea in May or September when the temperatures cool down a bit. You should wear casual clothes like and T-shirts or shorts on daily time, but try to bring along mode modest clothing if you want to visit cathedrals or churches which may have dress codes.

Things You Will See

Explore the second oldest town of Finland, Porvoo, which has been founded in 1346. Visitors can access this town when docked in Helsinki, where they will also be able to explore the Helsinki Cathedral and the Government Palace of the country. Norway will feature the Vigeland Sculpture Park which has over 650 statues made of granite, bronze and wrought iron.

Also you can visit the Viking Ship Museum of the city. Exploring the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, which consists of fourteen islands connected by various bridges, can also be a very good idea.

Norway and the Baltic Cruises

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