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Several Choices For Cruises Along The Amazon River

The wonderful wildlife of the Amazon will always attract a lot of adventure enthusiasts. But the wildlife will also include sometimes a few dangerous creatures such as anacondas, poison arrow frogs or think jaguars.

River Cruises Along The Amazon River

To try and enjoy the adventure of such a cruise tours and also stay safe, tourists will often choose those organized Amazon River cruise tours.

This type of cruise tours will not only be taking care of your basic practical needs, but they will offer professional guides who will narrate to you about the natural wonders and cultural phenomena of the area.

GreenTracks Amazon Tours

You may sail the Amazon in a modern comfort on a GreenTracks river cruise tour. In the large Pacaya-Samiria Reserve from Peru, you will have the opportunity of getting a close-up look at the extraordinary flora and fauna as you will be hiking as well as taking small vessels up creeks.

Experienced naturalist guides will point out wildlife from monkeys or macaws to frogs or beautiful butterflies. While on this cruise tour, you will also be able to learn a little more about the ethnobotany of this area – in other words, how the inhabitants here will use the local plants.

Night hikes are among the most popular features of this type of cruise tours; it is quite a thrill to watch how the eyes of a caiman will glow orange in the night`s darkness.

GreenTracks Amazon Tours
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Elderhostel, a well known provider of lifelong learning, now is using the “Exploritas” name for its tours. Exploritas will provide a number of cruise tours along the Amazon River, each and every one of it with a different focus.

One tour in Peru will mix an Amazon River Cruise with a study of the Incan empire. Along the river, you will be able to view the wildlife like bright toucans, poison frogs or river pink dolphins; you will be able to take hikes during the day or night; you will be able to hear about the history or ecology from experienced historians.

Another cruise tour will take passengers to Ecuador, where they will traverse the Amazon River in a dugout canoe or a motorized canoe. Then, they will proceed to Quito where they will be able to learn about the culture of Ecuador.

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Ecobrazil Tours

Ecobrazil Tours will provide a guided tour which will start in the Manaus jungle city close to the spot where the Solimoes and Rio Negro river will meet before creating the Amazon River. The river ship will take passengers past homes of stilts to the Lake January Ecological Park, which is the home of giant water lilies.

On rainforest hikes, you will be able to see all species of animals such as peccaries, piranhas, orpho butterflies or monkeys. The cruise tour will be stopping at the Anavilhanas, which is located about 395 miles in the center of the Amazon River.

Ecobrazil Tours
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South American Adventure: Amazon River Cruise

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