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Best River Cruises

Basics You Need To Know About The Concept Of River Cruising

The riverbank sites or the convenience of a river cruise make this type of traveling one of the best options for those who want to see many cities in a single route without having to switch from one hotel to another each and every night.

The Concept Of River Cruising

Another great type of cruising which is gaining ground on cruising on the ocean is river cruises. This sort of cruising, often on board long, flat ships which can usually go under bridges, are taking guests to some of the most interesting spots in the world.

For the historical Rhine or Danube rivers to the exotic Amazon or Nile rivers, cruisers are viewings life lived on the shores of these rivers while moving on a relaxing pace along the waters.

River Cruise Ships

Flat boats and sleek barges have sailed the water of the European rivers for many years, normally with basic amenities and a very casual atmosphere. Now cruise companies, like AMA Waterways or Viking River Cruises, are launching ships with the kind of activities or accommodations which can be found on those ocean liners as well.

Space will still be a priority, but lounge or dining public areas have become a lot more attractive. Because of the lower number of passengers, usually ranging from 70 to over 250 guests, many of these small ships will choose to cruise along rivers from all continents.

River Cruise Routes

River cruise routes are just as exciting as ocean cruise routes, pretty often because the smaller ships can go through small bodies of water which those ocean liners can not. You will be able to visit small ports as well as more than one country within a very short time on board a river cruise, especially if we are talking about Europe.

Famous river cruise routes will include the Nile River, showcasing the antiquities of Egypt; Danube River Christmas market cruises from the winter season; cruises along the Snake or Northwest`s Columbia rivers; the rivers of Holland, especially during tulip season; and exotic Amazon River cruises in South America.

River Cruise Culture

Exact like ocean cruise companies, each river cruise company has its very own culture or ambiance. In many cases, river cruises will focus more on various interesting destinations and a lot less on the boat as the destination. The narrations about the visited ports of call or about the attractions encountered along the way are pretty often an important part of the program.

Instead of purchasing individual excursions, passengers on river cruises will be taken out on small group tours which are included the cruise price. Because of the slower pace of river cruises, passengers will be even be able to borrow bicycles from the ship so they can ride them alongside the vessel as it will wind its way through the countryside.

There are many river cruisers out there that will enjoy the outdoors, so casual attire will often be the norm, during the day as well as during the evening. There are also some upscale river cruise companies, though, like Tauck, so doing your homework prior your booking process may be a good idea. Live entertainment along river cruises will often consist of a local performer or craftsman which will come on board for the performance during the evening, or a chef who demonstrates regional cuisine.

River Cruise Fares

In terms of prices, river cruises usually will not match the $67 to $80/person/day which those ocean liners can find at some moments. However, shore excursions – one of the much more expensive services on a ocean liner – are normally included, and you will have access to your very own private guide as well.

Many companies provide complimentary wine included in the dinner, and it is worth it to pay a little more so you can avoid crowds or to be able to get closer to a town which only a river cruise boat may access.

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