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Best River Cruises

Viking’s River Cruises in Asia

The Mekong Asia’s third-longest river at 2,620 miles, the mighty Mekong rises in the highlands of Tibet and empties into the sea at the south of Vietnam, having irrigated the Chinese provinces of Szechwan and Yunnan, and Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia along the way. The Vietnamese call it Song Cuu Long, the Nine Dragons [...]

The Great Waterways and Rivers of Russia and Ukraine

The Volga-Baltic Waterway Six years after founding St. Petersburg, efforts began to connect the city with  using the existing rivers and lakes between the new capital and Moscow. More than 200 years later, with the completion of major canals in the 1930s and modernization in the 1960s, you can now journey easily between the two [...]

Portraits of Southern France with Viking

With its ancient towns, beautiful scenery, warm sunshine and incredible food and wine, there is no place quite as evocative as southern France. Visit the Gallo-Roman ruins in Vienne and Arles, explore the historic Papal Palace in Avignon, discover the region’s time-honoured wine making traditions and sample the gastronomic delights of Lyon. Bon voyage! DAY [...]

Elegant Elbe – Your Journey with Viking Cruises

From exciting Berlin to beautiful Prague, with a hotel stay in each of these cities. Opulent palaces and landscaped gardens, medieval towns and contemporary cities, baroque architecture and stunning scenery – for sheer splendor and variety, the River  is in a class of its own. DAY 1 BERLIN From Berlin airport Viking takes you to [...]

Danube Waltz – Viking River Cruise Overview

This extraordinary 8 day river cruise shows you the highlights of Passau, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, and still allows plenty of time for you to relax, as you glide alongside the most spectacular scenery. The Danube Waltz is a truly memorable holiday that will tug at your heart strings long after you return home. [...]

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