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Best River Cruises

Magnificent Mekong – Viking River Cruise review

Both are stunningly beautiful, both are home to the , yet Vietnam and Cambodia are culturally two distinctive countries. In Cambodia, discover ancient Khmer architecture, lush riverside landscapes and the elegant French colonial capital of Phnom Penh. In Vietnam, the colourful floating markets of the Mekong Delta, gracious Hanoi and dynamic Ho Chi Minh await [...]

Imperial Jewels of China with Viking River Cruises

Few places stir the spirit quite like China. From cosmopolitan Shanghai to Beijing’s Forbidden City, see the spectacular Terracotta Warriors, the beautiful Three Gorges, the Great Wall and so much more on this incredible journey. There is no more rewarding or relaxing way to see China than sailing the Yangtze. And there is no more [...]

Advantages & Disadvantages About Nile River Cruises In Egypt

About Nile River Cruises to Egypt If you are traveling to Egypt, you should know from the start that your trip is not complete until you will go on a cruise on the Nile, the largest river from the entire world. Nile river cruises are a part of the agenda of all your packages to [...]

Understanding Some of The Basics of River Cruising

The riverbank sights of a cruise along a river as well as the comfort will make this kind of traveling be a wonderful option for those who will want to check out many towns on a single route without having to switch hotels each and every night. While an ocean cruise will sail to open [...]

What You Can Experience If You Choose A River Cruise In China

China is considered by many a mysterious country with an ancient culture and pretty rich history. The diverse natural wonders of the country will range from the broad Yangtze River to the snowy Hymalayan Mountains. Chinese river cruises are normally multifaceted tours, combining several days off the ship for exploring many sights in various cities [...]

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