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Best River Cruises

The Great Rivers of Europe to Discover

The Rhine and the Moselle The Germans refer respectfully to their longest and most important river as . The Rhine is one of Europe’s major arteries; 820 miles long from its source in the Swiss Alps to the North Sea at Rotterdam. An international waterway, the river runs through six countries and forms an international [...]

Basics For Several Budapest Boat Tours Along The Danube River

The Blue Danube, which has been composed in 1867 by Johann Strauss, has remained a symbol of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the Danube River will still serve as the lifeline of Budapest, the capital of Hungary… Many of the most impressive historic attractions from Budapest can be best seen on a boat tour along [...]

Important Aspects To Know About River Cruises Between Sweden & Iceland

From the cosmopolitan sights of Iceland Sweden`s sweeping vistas, you will be able to see the contrasts between these two Nordic countries from the sea. Given the distance between Iceland and mainland Europe, most cruises which will be feature this country will use it as the main focus of the journey and leave from Norway [...]

Understanding Some of The Basics of River Cruising

The riverbank sights of a cruise along a river as well as the comfort will make this kind of traveling be a wonderful option for those who will want to check out many towns on a single route without having to switch hotels each and every night. While an ocean cruise will sail to open [...]

Basic Description Of Several Amsterdam River Cruise Tours

Going on a river cruise tour is considered by many tourists a unique way to traveler. One of the main comforts is the fact that you will only have to unpack your things once, and that all you need will be offered on board the ship. The Rhine River will run through Amsterdam, making it [...]

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