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Basics For Several Budapest Boat Tours Along The Danube River

The Blue Danube, which has been composed in 1867 by Johann Strauss, has remained a symbol of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the Danube River will still serve as the lifeline of Budapest, the capital of Hungary…

Budapest Boat Tours Along The Danube River

Many of the most impressive historic attractions from Budapest can be best seen on a boat tour along the Danube River, including the Royal Palace, the Chain Bridge or Hungary`s grand House of Parliament.

While the public transit company of Budapest provides limited boat service along the Danube River during the summer season, a few private companies are catering to distinct interests offering the majority of trips throughout the spring season, summer or fall.

Legenda Evening Tours

Budapest`s Legenda touring company will be focusing mainly on boat tours during the evening and dinner cruises on the Danube River. While Legenda will operate sightseeing tours during the day, passengers with reduced mobility should remember that this will involve a walk around Margaret island.

This tour company will provide two distinct types of evening tours, one catering only to those certain travelers who would like to catch a glimpse of the imposing bridges or other attractions of Budapest, while the other is only for those who are in the search of a more romantic atmosphere.

The evening sightseeing cruise tour will provide passengers free beer, Hungarian sparkling wine or soft drinks, while the romantic dinner cruise tour on board the glass-rooted Duna Bella boat adds votive candles as well as live music to this experience.

Legenda`s cruise tours will provide headsets offering narration as well as detailed information on all attractions in thirty languages, and on board staff who will be speaking English, German or French. All Legenda tours will depart from the Vigado Square station.

Budapest Transport Company Boat Service

The cheapest way to see what Budapest has to offer from theĀ Danube River is by taking the Budapest Transport Company`s public ferry service. The BKV option will cost only the price of the traditional bus ticket, and the boat tour which will connect the northern points of suburban Budapest to the southern points of Petofi Bridge is a lot more extensive than those tours which are being provided by any private company.

The tour will include a single stop at Punkosdfurdo, located close to the historic town of Szentendre in the north side, and other various stops on Margaret and Obuda islands. The ship will be making thirteen stops along its way, and guests can hop on and off as they want.

BKV will not be offering non-Hungarian narrated cruise tours, beyond announcing stops or a general pamphlet, so passengers should try to bring tour books with them.

Boat ride down the Danube river in Budapest

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