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Boat Tours Along The Chain Of Lakes In Florida

Florida`s Chain of Lakes, properly named “The Harris Chain of Lakes,” comprises Lake Carlton, Lake Harris and Lake Little Harris, Lake Osceola, Lake Apopka, Lake Yale, Lake Dora, Lake Eustis, Lake Beauclair and Lake Griffin. If you are looking for a quality experience only ten minutes from the theme parks of Orlando, you should take a boat tour of the chain of lakes.

Harris Chain of Lakes

The Harris Chain of Lakes includes thousands of acres of wetlands and lakes. The area promulgates the headwaters of the Ocklawaha River, considered the main river draining central Florida, and has been offered over to private occupation and relaxation use.

Scenic Boat Tours

The Chain Of Lakes In Florida

Boat trips on the Chain of Lakes will be conducted only by Scenic Boat Tours, company which is in business since 1938. They own an entire fleet of 6 eighteen-guest pontoon boats. Regular trips will be set up for singles, and special arrangements are able to be made for various private tour parties or groups.

They hour-long, twelve-mile cruise tour will run each and every day except Christmas, with scheduled tours which leave every hour between 10.00 and 16.00. Boarding will be taking place at east side of the end of Morse Boulevard on Lake Osceola, from which this trip will be exploring 3 lakes and 2 manmade canals.

Parking will be plentiful and ships will board on a first-come, first-served basis, so those guests waiting the longest will have the chance of getting the best seats. Life vests will also be offered, and experienced guides stop often to narrate about the flora and fauna. Take into consideration that Scenic Boat Tours will only be accepting cash as payment.

Restoration Council

The waterways of this certain area are generally being protected by the Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council. Among many other duties, the Council is being charged with lake restoration techniques, shoreline restoration, reviewing water quality, sediment control, recovery strategies, sport fish populations and exotic species management.

Expect to See

The opulent private estates which sprawl on these shorelines, whose values are generally seldom impacted by the financial and economic vagaries of the outside world, are quite something of a traveler attraction themselves.

From time to time, a racing shell from close Rollins College will provide another interesting attraction that visitors can enjoy, and water-skiers will occasionally show off on these lakes. The experienced guides often stop to offer detailed information on the most important mansions, some of which will be enjoying both wonderful sunrises or sunsets.

Chain of Lakes Boat Ride

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