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Best River Cruises

Understanding Some of The Basics of River Cruising

The riverbank sights of a cruise along a river as well as the comfort will make this kind of traveling be a wonderful option for those who will want to check out many towns on a single route without having to switch hotels each and every night.

River Cruising Basics

While an ocean cruise will sail to open seas and will stop to various ports of call, a river cruise tour will make use of the waterways sailing through lands or countries, offering you a closer look at the intimacy of the land.

River cruising is sometimes casual and sometimes upscale, but pretty often have a limited number of passengers; river cruise tours will sail in style on the waters of the major rivers of the world and most passengers will enjoy this completely.

Make a booking of a stateroom, unpack and try to enjoy the local cuisine or events while you will be sailing past castles, rural scenery or jungles. Since many of the major cities or towns are being built near important rivers, cruise tours often dock in the middle of some of the most famous tourist cities. Depending on the river, your cruise your may take place on a barge or a cruise ship carrying four to more than one hundred guests.

European River Cruises

The Rhine in Germany, the Danube in Eastern Europe or the Seine in France are just a few waterways upon you can set sail down in Europe. Your route may focus on exploring one region in depth, like as combining several rivers to offer you a glimpse of a few cities, like Cologne, Budapest or Amsterdam, or wine-themed cruise tours in Burgundy, France.

River sailing is pretty well-established in Europe; cruise tours tend to have more and more luxurious accommodation all the time in which they serve some of the best foods of that certain region.

South America

The Negro and Amazon rivers in Brazil, Argentina or Peru are the most important rivers in South America. The cruise boats and amenities can actually fit pretty much any budget out there, no matter if you want a luxury exploration which may include private bathrooms or high-end local cuisine, or just a basic cruise tour with small staterooms or shared bathrooms.

No matter what you choose, these cruise tours will have a different adventure feeling into them. Wildlife seeing in the jungle, rain forest walks or cultural experiences in ancient villages are among the most popular activities when it comes to South America cruise tours.


Travel though Cambodia or Thailand along the Mekong river or its tributaries, or you may explore the towns or cities of China along theĀ Yangtze river with a cruise tour in Asia. Asian river cruise tours will tend to be a combination of classic and modern, with various visit in the major cities of Asia, such as Shanghai, Ho Chi Min City or Beijing blended with various days in farming villages or fishing.

Asia river cruise tours have a tendency to be more casual that the European ones, and dress codes have a tendency of being more comfortable.

Viking River Cruises

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