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Basic Aspects Regarding Tours Along The Rhine River

The impressive Rhine River is considered the most important as well as longest river from Europe. The Rhine River will offer a direct line for traveling to many of the major European cities. This will allow all goods to be transported fast and easy on this river. Bicycle cruise tours will offer travelers a first-hand glimpse of the river as well as its incredible scenery.

Rhine River Tours

Rhine River Castle Tours

The Rhine River is considered the home of many majestic and old castles. Some of these castles will date back into the Middle Ages and were the home to important overlords who for period of time ruled over the smaller villages. They used to protect inhabitants from other rival marauders or countries. Castle tours along the Rhine River will very often involve riding bicycles on this river until a certain castle will be in sight. Then travelers will ride up to the castle, touring it. The 50-mile stretch on the Rhine river from Mainz to Koblenz will include over 18 castles in Burg Rheinstein, Burg Maus or Bingen, among many other ones.

Wine Country Bicycle Tours

German wine country provides travelers scenic views to watch while they bike along the Rhine River. Cycle trails will offer travelers up-close views of the nearby areas. Tourists may stop at vineyards for wine tasting and tours. This will offer an alternative to just cycling this area. A notable winery can be found close to the Gasthaus Hotel, which is located on the banks of the Rhine River and provides a very comfortable place for cyclists for spending the night. If you will be in Germany in July, Eltville near Mainz will put on an champagne festival which takes place every year. Vineyards dot the entire area from Eltville to Bad Salzig and also surround the Pfalz areas.

Climate of the Rhine River Area

The Rhine river Valley generally has a desirable summer climate for tour with bicycles. With various summer highs which will averagely be around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature is mostly on the warm part. But the river will cool the surrounding air quite a lot, which will make the temperature of this area being ideal for bicycling. You might experience light showers from time to time, mostly on summer afternoons when the humidity will tend to be a little higher. Winter weather will not be just as bike-friendly; even if it is generally relatively mild with average temperatures around 30 to 40 degrees, snow has always been a common thing in the winter season.

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