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A Most Unique Experience with American Queen

Quite simply, there is nothing quite like a voyage with the American Queen Steamboat Company on the world’s largest, most opulent authentic steam-powered paddlewheel riverboat. You will be transported not just through America, but also through time.

American Queen US river cruise

The wake of a paddlewheel steamboat is a series of gentle undulating swells, each reflecting a turn of the bright red paddlewheel. But even as we sail through the same waters as Mark Twain, we see how quickly the river erases our unique paddlewheel footprints on the surface. Soon, it is the same broad, mighty river behind us as it is in front of us. Our wake is simply a ripple in time, but for the brief moment that we are here, we are part of something so much larger than ourselves.

That overwhelming sense of the rich history of steamboats and the river is reflected in the authenticity of the American Queen’s antebellum décor, the family recipes of famed Southern chef Regina Charboneau, and the familiar smiles of our all-American crew.

Even if you’ve never before sailed aboard the American Queen, stepping on board feels like coming home. She is warm, inviting and comforting. But her purpose is not just to take you away on vacation; it’s also to bring you closer together. It is a wondrous thing to see the community that is formed during each voyage of the American Queen.

When you choose to share your vacation with us, you are among like-minded peers and friendships naturally follow. I recently watched at lunch as two couples bonded over their grandchildren who, it turns out, attended the same college. Overhearing the conversation as he was serving the table, the waiter revealed that he had graduated from the same institution.

There were smiles and shared stories, the guests leaving the table not with a polite thank you to their waiter, but with a hug that expressed everything our company, our steamboat and an American river voyage is about.

As you travel with the American Queen Steamboat Company, the rhythm of the past melds seamlessly with the rhythm of today in places like the rocking chairs on the American Queen’s Front Porch of America and the mahogany comfort of her Mark Twain Gallery. It echoes in the calliope music that drifts across the water and is seen in our guests’ contented smiles. The river has its own rhythm, and I invite you to join us as we take the time to listen.

American Queen Steamboat Highlights

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